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Concrete Block Maker

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LMT4-40 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

LMT4-40 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

Getting a concrete hollow block maker that is affordable, yet quality, can be a large lump in the throat. However, The LMT4-40 checks all the right boxes: It’s affordable, durable, efficient, and quality.

It is small (the smallest among the LMT series), compact, and uses strong vibrations to produce blocks that are of high quality and density.

  • Size: 2050×1660×1900mm
  • Shaping speed: 40 seconds
  • Power: 5kw
  • Pallet: 850*450mm
  • Production capacity: 2240-6720 pieces/8 hours
LMT4-35 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

LMT4-35 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

This hollow concrete block maker is similar to the LMT4-40 but features several upgrades. Just like the latter, it is small (although larger than LMT4-40), affordable, efficient, and produces quality blocks.

A key difference is the inclusion of a materials hopper which means it can be connected to a mixer with a conveyor belt. This upgrade makes it more efficient unlike LMT4-40. The frame of the machine is strong which makes it last long.

  • Size: 2050×1660×1900mm
  • Shaping speed: 35 seconds
  • Power: 7kw
  • Pallet: 850*450mm
  • Production capacity: 2880-9920 pieces/8 hours
LMT4-26 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

LMT4-26 Manual Concrete Hollow Block Maker

This concrete block maker is ideal for you if you’re just starting your concrete block making business or happen to be a small scale concrete block manufacturer.

It comes with a free set of moulds and a pair of manual carts for carrying produced blocks to the curing section. Manpower requirement is low (which cuts labor costs) but the economic return is high. It is referred to as QT4-24 or QT4-26 by other manufacturers.

  • Size: 3600×1730×2560mm
  • Shaping speed: 20-26 seconds
  • Power: 6kw
  • Pallet: 850*450mm
  • Production capacity: 3200-12000 pieces/8 hours
QCM4-30 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

QCM4-30 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

Without a need for pallets, this machine is known as an egg-laying concrete block machine. Hollow blocks are produced directly to the concrete floor while the tyres make it move as it does so.

QCM4-30 has a dual power option- diesel or electricity. Hence, even in a situation of a power outage, you are still covered.

  • Size: 2400*1300*1600mm
  • Shaping speed: 30-40 seconds
  • Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Production capacity: 3840 pieces/8 hours

QMJ2-40 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

Characterized by affordable price, ease in operation, and high efficiency, this machine is an ideal choice for a small-sized concrete block maker.

Just 1-2 workers who do not require prior technical knowledge, are sufficient to run this machine with ease.

In addition, the frame is super strong and highly durable as a result of the strong steel used to make its frame.

  • Size: 1000*800*1300mm
  • Shaping speed: 40-45 seconds
  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Production capacity: 1280 pieces/8 hours.
QMJ4-45 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

QMJ4-45 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

This egg laying concrete block maker is reliable and efficient. All spare parts used to manufacture this machine are imported from notable manufacturers. Hence, the concrete blocks it produces are of high quality and density. The machine also ensures precision in terms of shapes and sizes of the blocks.

You can also produce other types of blocks/bricks such as paver blocks, curb blocks, etc. All you’ll need to do is change the mould.

  • Size: 1600*1500*1200mm
  • Shaping speed: 45 seconds
  • Power: 6.5kw
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Production capacity: 2560 pieces/8 hours
QMY4-30 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

QMY4-30 Egg Layer Concrete Block Maker

QMY4-30 is also known as a hollow block maker or a paving block maker.

It does not need a pallet since all blocks are made directly to the floor where they can be cured. It is quite easy to operate and needs a maximum of 2 workers. You don’t need electricity: it relies entirely on diesel.

If you’re saving space, this machine is fit for you. It consumes only 300-509 square meters.

  • Size: 2050*1480*2250mm
  • Shaping speed: 30 seconds
  • Power: 9HP diesel engine
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Production capacity: 5040 pieces/8 hours

QT4-18 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

This is a fully automatic, hydraulic concrete block maker. It’s a good match for large scale concrete block manufacturers due to its size and production capacity.

It has a PLC control system which automated the concrete block production process. Platform vibrations and hydraulic pressure is used to produce blocks of high quality.

  • Size: 4800*1650*2400mm
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Power: 22kw
  • Pallet: 850*450*30mm
  • Production capacity: 49920 pieces/8 hours
QT4-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

QT4-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

Buying this machine comes with several advantages.

It is fully automatic (controlled by a Siemens PLC system), hydraulic, and highly efficient. Due to the implementation of a recycle material feeding system, there’s no waste of raw materials.

It can produce hollow blocks, solid bricks, porous blocks, paving bricks, and interlocking bricks with an exchange of the mould.

  • Size: 6800*1650*2450mm
  • Shaping speed: 15 seconds
  • Power: 27.5kw
  • Pallet: 1020*570mm
  • Production capacity: 86400 pieces/8 hours.
QT5-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

QT5-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

This automatic concrete block maker supports fly ash, sand, slag, coal, and other industrial wastes. All the blocks produced with this machine are of guaranteed quality, high density, and durability.

With a strong steel frame, it lasts long without corroding or breaking down. The blocks are formed by high hydraulic pressure which could reach 15-20mpa. The storage hopper has a large capacity (0.45 cubic meters).

  • Size: 5120*1950*2810mm
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Power: 32kw
  • Pallet: 1100*570mm
  • Production capacity: 92160 pieces/8 hours.
QT6-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

QT6-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

All spare parts are sourced internationally and the frame and mould is made of super strong steel that’s specially wielded to ensure precision. Hence, it is highly efficient, durable, and dependable.

The PLC system controls the whole machine and makes it very easy to operate the machine and analyze chance signals. It relies on table vibrations and hydraulic pressure to produce quality blocks.

Materials are economized and recycled. Hence, the cost of raw materials is greatly reduced.

  • Size: 8000*1950*2700mm
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Power: 32kw
  • Pallet: 940*830*25mm
  • Production capacity: 92160 pieces/8 hours.
QT8-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

QT8-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

This is a fully automatic concrete block maker. It has a frame made from strong steel and four guidance columns.

It has an electrical control system with allowance for data input and output and a PLC system that makes it easy to diagnose faults.

The frame has been welded to ensure solidity, durability, and quality.

  • Size: 8300*3000*1860mm
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Power: 51kw
  • Pallet: 950*900mm
  • Production capacity: 120960 pieces/8 hours
QT10-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

QT10-15 Concrete Block Maker For Sale

This is the largest concrete block maker. It produces 10 blocks per mould which makes it highly efficient.

The machine parts are all sourced from reliable manufacturers which guarantees quality and durability.

The mould is super strong just like it’s frame. Therefore, you will use this machine for a very long time without any struggle.

  • Size: 9350*2320*2950mm
  • Shaping speed: 10-15 seconds
  • Power: 67kw
  • Pallet: 1100*900mm
  • Production capacity: 19200-28800 pieces/8 hours

LONTTO Concrete Block Maker Manufacturer

Lontto concrete block maker factory

Lontto: Your Reputable Concrete Block Maker Manufacturer

Lontto has been blazing the trail in the manufacture of machines for over 30 years. Within this period, we have received many awards from far and wide and commendations from customers due to the quality of our machines.

Although based in China, we have supplied concrete block makers to over 60 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean, etc. None of them have complained about our machines.

We continue to innovate new technologies which keeps us on par with global trends. As a testament to that, we have a team of dedicated engineers responsible for research and development. They have patented over 30 unique brick machines and are still counting.

Aside from that, we have over 1000 workers who are skilled and are constantly retrained to keep up with global standards.

As a guarantee of our high standards, we have passed the CE and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Quality assurance organizations have also certified the machines we produce, as being of high quality.

Our customers come first. We don’t just say it: we act it. How?

We have a 24/7 customer service team that is courteous and responsive. Whatever enquiries you might have, they are always available to answer.

We give free training on operation, maintenance and installation of our machines. Apart from that, there’s free accomodation for any customer that wishes to pay a visit to our factory in China. Our skilled engineers also offer free on-site installation of our machines in your factory.

The concrete block machines we have are:

  • Manual concrete hollow block maker: LMT4-40, LMT4-35, and LMT4-26.
  • Egg layer concrete block maker: QCM4-30, QMJ4-45, QMY4-30, and QMJ2-40.
  • Concrete block maker: QT4-18, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, and QT10-15.

You should contact our customer service desk immediately and we will send you a quotation to your email for free.

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The Ultimate Guide: Concrete Block Maker

What are concrete concrete block makers?

Concrete block makers are used to make concrete blocks (paver blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, and interlocking bricks) using sand, cement, and gravel. There are different designs and sizes.

They automate the block making process and make it faster. And allows for a lesser production time than the manual process, with better quality. The mixing is done accurately which discourages waste and ensures quality.

What are the types of concrete block makers?

There is a wide range of concrete block makers. Each one has its unique characteristics that makes it stand out from the rest and determines if it’s fit for you or not. The types include:

  • Fully automatic concrete block maker.

These machines are controlled by a PLC system which has a human-machine interface. Hence, detecting and resolving faults is very easy.

All aspects of block making are controlled with simple push of different buttons.

The fully automatic models include QT4-18, QT4-15, QT4-515, QT6-15, QT8-15, and so on.

  • Semi-automatic concrete block maker.

Mixing, molding, and other operations take place with some degree of human input which is higher than fully automatic machines but lower than manual machines.

The semi-automatic models include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, and LMT4-26.

  • Manual concrete block maker.

The manual machines rely on human assistance to a large extent. However, they still make the block making process more effective than using hand block makers.

Other schemes for dividing concrete block makers include mobility, and power requirement.

If you’re considering the mobility, there are two major divisions:

  • Stationary concrete block makers
  • Egg laying concrete block makers such as QMJ4-45, QMY4-30 QCM4-30, and QMJ2-40.

The egg laying variant, are mounted on wheels and produce blocks directly to the concrete floor (hence their name).

Considering power supply requirements, there are three main divisions:

  • Diesel operated concrete block makers
  • Electricity operated concrete block makers
  • Diesel and electricity operated concrete block makers.

Those powered by diesel alone or by diesel and electricity are ideal for remote regions who face erratic or no power supply.

How do concrete block makers work?

Every machine has a principle it applies to fulfill its role. This principle is repeated over and over again to carry out it’s work. For block makers, the principle is simple: it uses raw materials mixed in a certain ratio to mold blocks using; high vibrations to fill the moulds and remove water pores; and hydraulic pressure to compress the raw materials into the shape of the mould.

Let’s break down the production process

  • Measurements

The raw materials- water, cement, and aggregates- are carefully measured to adhere to specific ratios. Unlike mortar used for general construction, mortar used to make blocks have a higher percentage of sand but lower percentage of water and gravel. This is intended to ensure that the block maintains its shape after it’s removed from the mould.

Depending on the ratio you use, different strengths are obtained. The strength you will need will be determined by the location the block is to be used in the building.

  • Mixing

After you’ve measured the raw materials to adhere to a specific ratio, they are fed into the machine. The machine mixes it thoroughly until a consistent mixture is obtained.

The mixing is done by a robust motor located in the mixer.

After mixing, a little amount of water is added. Other aggregates and coloring can also be added at this stage.

  • Molding

After mixing, the machine dispenses the mortar to the moulds. Molding is aided by vibrations and hydraulic pressure to ensure compaction.

  • Curing

The blocks are carried to the curing section via a forklift or manual carts. To increase their strength, you can sprinkle water.on the blocks intermittently.

What are the advantages of using block makers?

Using concrete block makers has many advantages.

  • Cost reduction.

Concrete block makers need few workers to make concrete blocks. Some of these machines need workers as low as only one worker. Hence, you can save money that would have been used for paying salaries.

  • Economization of materials

When using the manual method, raw materials are wasted either during mixing or molding. Hence, most machines have a recycle feeding system that conserves your raw materials.

  • More blocks in less time.

Most concrete block makers have high production capacity which cannot be achieved with the manual process. Hence, you are able to finish your project in time.

  • Quality

By using robust vibrations and hydraulic pressure, concrete block makers produce blocks of high quality and density. The blocks also have an accurate composition of raw materials and uniform shapes and sizes.

  • Fast completion of projects.

The time for a building has been drastically reduced , thanks to concrete block makers.

  • Aesthetics

You can produce blocks of different shapes and sizes with a simple change of the mould.

How can I choose a quality concrete block maker?

  • Read, read, read

The technical specifications of a concrete block machine must be read before you purchase it. Relying simply on its appearance and cost to make a decision can be a costly mistake.

You can make a request for the technical specifications via an email.

  • Ask questions

You could check other manufacturers and find out what machine they are using.

In your discussion with other manufacturers, you could ask:

  • How easy is the machine to operate?
  • Does it need much maintenance?
  • How responsive is the customer service desk of the company?
  • Are the parts easy to get?
  • Investigate the company.

You should look out for the age, workforce, certifications, factory location and size, and popularity of the company you wish to make your purchase from. A web search could greatly help in this regard.

  • Look at the customer service

If the customer service is good, there’s a high probability that the company might be top notch too.

How much does a concrete block maker cost?

There’s no blanket cost for concrete block makers. Their costs depend on the specifications, size, production capacity, shipping costs, etc.

We can send you a price quotation for free via your email address.

Where can I get a quality concrete block maker?

Choosing a block maker is difficult because of the several concrete block makers manufacturers available worldwide. If you perform a simple google search for this question, you will get numerous suggestions.

Lontto is the best company to buy your machine from. They are quality, dependable, efficient, and reliable. You should make contact with our sales team to guide you beginning from your choice of machine to your purchase.

How can I maintain my concrete block maker?

Concrete block machines last longer and operate optimally with maintenance. It’s just like any other machine: it packs up if proper care is not given. These tips can help you maintain your machine and make it last longer.

  • Always pay attention to deviations from normal behaviour.

A tiny fault can lead to a total breakdown. Whenever you discover any indication of abnormal behaviour- could be a funny noise- turn off the machine immediately and let a qualified professional check it out.

  • Your manual is your companion

Every machine comes with an operating manual. However, it’s common to leave it in the attic accumulating dust without ever going through it.

That shouldn’t be you.

Go through the manual again and again until you’ve fully understood it. Who knows, the knowledge could come in handy one day.

If in the process of operating the machine you get confused, consult the manual immediately.

  • Repairs are for only qualified, skilled, professionals.

Your machine is delicate: treat it as such. Hence, only allow qualified professionals to do repairs or servicing.

  • Always oil moving parts before using the machine
  • Check the oil level before use
  • Do not allow debris from previous usage to remain on the machine. Always clean it after each day’s work.

What are the types of concrete blocks?

There are several types of concrete blocks. They include:

  • Concrete bricks
  • Hollow blocks
  • Solid concrete blocks
  • Aerated autoclaved concrete blocks (AAC)
  • Lintel blocks
  • Concrete stretcher blocks
  • Jamb concrete blocks
  • Concrete corner blocks
  • Paving blocks
  • Expanded clay aggregate solid construction blocks
  • Partition concrete blocks
  • Light aerated concrete blocks
  • Fly ash blocks
  • Cinder blocks

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