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  • Spare parts are sourced from reputable brands like Siemens, Schneider, Emerson, and Omron.
  • All machines are easy to operate and maintain
  • Technical support for repairs and operation of the machine are available 24/7
  • Premium quality delivered at affordable prices
  • Customer service is top-notch. You have a direct line in case you face any problems.

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Block Making Machine

  • Possess 30+ years of experience in the manufacture of block making machines
  • Each machine is efficient. Quality blocks are produced fast, in large volumes, and at low labor cost.
  • All parts are carburized. Thus, they are strong and last longer.
  • Price is affordable. The machine comes directly from the factory to your doorstep, on time.
  • Free installation and training
  • Free accommodation is provided when you visit our company.
LMT4-40 block making machine

LMT4-40 Small Block Making Machine

This machine is the smallest manual hollow block making machine. Although a conveyor belt is excluded, a 350 pan concrete mixer, trolley, and an open block mould are included.

Unlike other block making machines, it consumes limited space due to its small and compact design. It has a production capacity of 2240 pieces of hollow blocks in a day.

If you have a limited budget, small production volume, and small area, this is a good fit for you.

LMT4-35 Concrete Block Making Machine

The LMT-4 35 concrete block machine is a small, manual, block making machine produced in China. It is an upgrade over the LMT-4 40.

It is capable of producing hollow, pavement, and porous blocks, all with a different mould. Its production capacity ranges from 2880 for hollow blocks, 5760 for porous blocks, and 9920 for porous blocks.

As part of its structure, a 6m conveyor belt, 350 pan mixer, 850*450*30mm pallets, and two manual carts. The blocks produced are of high quality, high density, and great strength.

LMT4-26 Block Making Machine

This semi-automatic and manual block making machine is used to produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, porous blocks, and interlocking hollow blocks: all you need to do is change the mould to fit the type of block you wish to produce. It is an improvement over the LMT-4 35 and is the highest in this series.

Putting the price in perspective, its efficiency and production speed are outstanding: producing over 3400 pieces of hollow blocks in 8 hours. It is pretty easy to maintain and operate.

It comes with the main machine, a 6m conveyor belt, 350 concrete mixers, a manual cart, 850 by 450mm pallets, and a free set of mould. It takes only 2-3 workers to operate.

Manual mobile concrete block machine

QCM4-30 Mobile Block Making Machine

If you run a small block making factory, then this is definitely for you. In its design, compactness and mobility receive priority. Its compact design allows it to fit into only 100-300 square meters: perfect if you need to conserve space.

To moulding ease mobility, wheels are attached. Hence, you can move it around with ease. There are no pallets. Instead, blocks are produced directly to the concrete floor.

It is of general knowledge that many regions are experiencing erratic power supply. If you face this challenge, then this is an ideal solution: this machine uses diesel. So, if there’s a power outage, you need not worry.

With a production capacity of 3800 pieces of 8-inch blocks in 8 hours (moulding cycle is 30 seconds) and a workforce requirement of 1-2 workers, it is very efficient.

QMJ2-40 Block Making Machine for Sale

This small manual brick making machine is suitable for you if you have a low budget, limited space, and a low daily production requirement. With this machine, you can produce 8-inch hollow blocks without hassle.

There’s no need for pallets since it produces blocks directly to the concrete floor. With a moulding speed of 45 seconds per cycle, you are sure to have an efficient block manufacturing process, with more blocks produced in less time.

QMJ4-45 mobile block making machine

QMJ4-45 Mobile Bock Making Machine

QMJ4-45 is a small block making machine. With its attached wheels, you can move it to any area quickly.

It has a moulding cycle of 45 seconds per cycle and a moulding capacity of 3000 pieces of hollow concrete blocks in 8 hours.

Instead of a moulding core that uses a one-time vibration, this machine utilizes a two-time vibration which results in blocks with higher density and strength and a quicker moulding cycle.

There’s no need for pallets since blocks can be moulded directly to the concrete floor.

QMY4-30 block making machine

QMY4-30 Block Making Machine

Powered by electricity, QMY-4-30 is a block making machine that fuses low budget with great financial returns.

It produces various forms of blocks: all you need is to change the mould. With a moulding cycle of 30 seconds and 3000 pieces in 8 hours and a high production capacity, you are guaranteed speed and efficiency.

QT4-18 block manufacturing machine

QT4-18 Automatic Brick Making Machine

With this machine, every block manufacturing process is automated: from pallet loading, materials loading and distribution, bricks conveying, and brick stacking. As a result of this, it is easy to operate. It uses an automatic PLC and hydraulic press system.

It has a production capacity of 6500-12000 (wall blocks) or 11000-20000 (pavement blocks) in only 8 hours and a shaping cycle of 15-18 seconds. If you have a large to medium capacity industry, this is a good fit for you. By changing the mould, you can produce any type of brick with this machine.


QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

This is a fully automated paver block making machine that utilizes a super-strong vibration to produce solid and durable blocks.

It is a multipurpose machine that can make different types of blocks only by changing the mould.

Its efficiency is astounding: it produces 22 blocks or 4-5 bricks per mould, has a forming cycle of 15 seconds, and has a production capacity of 42240 bricks or 9600 hollow blocks in a single shift (8 hours).

QT5-15 Block Making Machine

QT5-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

This machine is automated and uses a hydraulic and electrical system. It is used to produce hollow blocks, colour paver blocks, and solid blocks.

QT5-15 automatic brick making machine is extremely fast with a shaping cycle of 15 seconds, able to make five pieces of 8-inch blocks in one mould, and a production capacity of 950 pieces (hollow blocks), 6000 (standard bricks), and 2880 (porous block) in one hour.

With a mould change, this block making machine produces several types of blocks.

QT6-15 block making machine for sale

QT6-15 Automatic Block Making Machine Price

QT6-15 is a fully automated block machine that makes hollow blocks, porous brick, standard brick, ground brick, and fly ash brick.

This machine has a moulding speed of 15 seconds and can produce 6-8(hollow block) and 32(paver blocks) blocks per mould.

In addition, you need not worry about its production capacity: you are assured of 21600-28800 (hollow blocks) and 11520 (paver blocks) blocks in 10 hours.

All spare parts used in the manufacture of this machine, are sourced from reputable companies. Hence, you can rest assured of its durability, strength, and reliability


QT8-15 Block Making Machine Price

The QT8-15 is a fully automated hydraulic block making machine, having an electrical control and hydraulic system. Compared to most block making machines out there, it consumes less electricity but still has a high production capacity.

The production capacity depends on the block type. In one mould, you can produce 8 (hollow), 21(porous), 28(paving), and 21(interlocking) blocks. The moulding cycle is 15 seconds.

QT10-15 Block Making Machine Price

The model QT10-15 is an automatic block making machine, capable of producing various types of blocks with different moulds. In 15 seconds, you can produce ten pieces of blocks with a single mould.

It is fitted with a PLC control system that makes it easy to operate and massively reduces the need for manual labour.

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Lontto Block Making Machine

Lontto, is a block making machine manufacturer and block machine supplier, based in China but with a customer base that stretches worldwide. They sell concrete block making machines in the USA, brick moulding machines in Botswana, Hollow block making machines in the Philippines and Uganda, interlocking brick machine sale in Kenya, Jamaica, Bangladesh, and the brick-making machine in South Africa. For more than 30 years and counting, they have produced block-making machines that are durable, affordable, efficient, and capable of creating high-quality blocks. 

Whether it’s a concrete block making machine, automatic brick making machine, AAC block plant, Concrete Batching Plant, and other construction machines, they are your first point of call.

Every block making machine for sale has passed all quality tests and is even CE certified. That’s not all: the factory itself has an ISO 9001 certification.

One may ask: what gives them these advantages?

  • All spare parts are sourced from reputable brands such as Schneider, Emerson, Siemens, and Omron. So, you can easily find a replacement, and their quality is guaranteed.
  • Each part is subjected to heat treatment (carburization). Thus, each piece is hardened and resistant to wear.

Lontto supplies cover block making machine and compressed earth block making machine for sale. These machines are also of high quality.

All concrete block machines manufactured by Lontto are affordable and offer premium quality. If you have a low to high budget or small to large block making factory, you can get a machine that fits your needs.

With top-notch service, you will be guided before buying, when buying the machine, and after you’ve bought it. They are quick to respond to any requests you might have.

If you experience difficulty operating our machines, qualified and experienced engineers can train your staff and offer support if you share any challenges during installation.

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The Ultimate Guide: Block Making Machine

What are the three essential materials in the operation of block machines?

Block making machines, need some essential raw materials to produce blocks. They include,

  • Aggregates such as sand, gravel, etc.
  • Cement
  • Water

What should I consider before buying a block making machine?

There are many block making machines out there. Hence, you must do your homework and make an informed decision based on your needs. By doing so, you will maximize fulfillment and minimize regrets. You should consider

block making machine for sale


  • Production capacity needed.

You should calculate how many blocks you’ll need per day. If you need a large number, go for the fully automatic block making machines.

They use a PLC system, need low human intervention, and have a high production speed. If you have a medium-sized or small-sized operation, you can go for semi-automatic or manual block making machines.

  • Budget

Block making machines differ in price and features they present. If you have a large budget, then go for the high-priced block making machines. However, keep in mind that the cost determines the features you’ll be getting.

  • Area available

Some block making machines, consume a lot of space. If your industry is a small one, you should buy block making machines that would fit into the space you have. That being said, ensure you go through the specifications of the block making machine you wish to purchase to see its dimensions.

block making machine installation

Also, choosing an automatic machine cuts the cost of spending on purchasing land for curing the blocks. You could do this if buying land is expensive.

  • Power

Block making machines are powered by either diesel or electricity. Others offer both options. Also, those powered by electricity utilise different voltages.

If your factory is located in an area with epileptic or no power supply, you should purchase block making machines that run on diesel.

Before buying electricity-powered machines, confirm the voltage capacity of your company from an electrical engineer.

  • Labour needs

If you have a large supply of labour, semi-automatic or manual block making machines will suffice.

In a situation where labour is minimal, automatic or semi-automatic block making machines will do.

  • Movability

Some block making machines are fitted with wheels. If you intend to move your machine around, you should go for such.

  • The type and variety of blocks the machine can produce.

Each machine has the type of block it can produce. You can consult the machine specifications or customer care to get details regarding each machine.

What is the profit margin of block/brick making machines?

Due to peculiarities such as power supply, running costs, cost of raw materials, location, etc., the profit margin using block-making machines is different.

However, you must note that using block making machines is profitable. Buying a block making machine, is a smart investment.


It cuts cost on labour, increases production capacity, and helps you produce many blocks within the shortest possible time.

You might not get back the full amount you invested in a block making machine immediately. But over time, the investment would prove to be worth it.

How can I know a quality block making machine?

The best way to know the quality of a block making machine is by performing in-depth research. You should pay attention to this information when doing your research:

  • The brand of spare parts used in the machine

A block making machine, just like any other machine, is essentially spare parts coupled together. If the spare parts are of low quality, the machine would also be of low quality.

block making machine quality

Ensure the block-making manufacturer uses spare parts from reputable brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Emerson, etc. the spare part used also affects spare part maintenance and availability.

  • The sound the machine makes when it is running.

For quality machines, the sound should be a little smooth a little bit.

  • Quality of the blocks produced by the machine

You can test the blocks’ quality by using several parameters such as block strength, density, shape, etc.

  1. Check for testimonials from users of the machine. The internet can help you with this.
  2. Ask for Certifications of the supplier or manufacturer and of the machine. Certification shows that relevant quality determining agencies recognize the manufacturer or supplier and the machine and that their machines are reliable. If there is no certification, it’s advisable not to purchase. Lontto is CE & IOS Certified.

All the block making machines manufactured by Lontto, fit these criteria.

Where can I buy quality block making machines?

There are several block making machine manufacturers and block making machine suppliers spread across the world. However, a large percentage of them are located in China, India, and turkey.

block making machine from china

If you are looking for quality, reliable, and affordable block making machines, Lontto is your sure bet. All types of block making machines are manufactured and supplied. You should place your order immediately.

How can I check the quality of cement blocks?

You can check the quality of cement blocks by using these methods:

  • Strength

The strength of a block is a good indicator of its quality. To test for strength, you should hold the block in a vertical position at 4-5 feet above the ground (chest level). Let it drop to the ground.

If it scatters into pieces or develops cracks, then it is of low quality. You should repeat the same procedure, with the block in a horizontal position.

Another way to test the strength of your block is by pinching off the corners. If several grains drop off, such block is considered to be of a low quality.

The resistance of a block to a nail and its grip on the nail also indicate a block’s strength. To perform this test, drive a nail into the block. If it goes in very easily, then it has a low resistance and is of low quality.

Additionally, if the nail is gripped firmly in the block, then it is of high quality. You should do this test on three or more block samples.

  • Adsorption test

Blocks that absorb a lot of water are deemed to be of low quality. High water absorption or retention could be from the machine or the mixture you’re using.

To test for this, first, heat the block in an oven at 100 to 1150 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. After 24 hours, leave the block to cool and immerse it in the clean water of 27-29 degrees Celsius for 24 hours.

After you’ve done this, remove the block and damp it with a clean cloth. Using the two weights, M1 and M2, perform this calculation to determine the water adsorption:

Water adsorption=[(M2﹣M1)/M1] 100

For a quality block, the result should not be more than 20 per cent.

  • Block texture

A quality block should have a grainy surface. If it appears too smooth, it indicates that there is a high amount of quarry dust. Quarry dust weakens a block. A weakened block can lead to the collapse of the building.

  • Shape and size

All the blocks should have a uniform shape and size.

concrete blocks shape

How can I maintain my block making machine?

After the purchase of a block making machine, maintaining it is important. If you fail to do so, it will last for a very short time. The result could also be constant repairs, and eventually, the machine could pack up.

  • Take note of abnormal behaviour. This includes changes in the sound, cycling speed, etc. A little problem can result in a big problem if it’s not fixed on time. Report any slight deviation in its performance to your engineers or a professional.
  • Only allow trained staff to operate the machine. You should also allow only skilled professionals to service and install the machine.
  • Routinely check every part before you use the machine. Lubricate moving parts, fasten loose nuts, change bad oil, clean all parts, etc.
  • Replace the hydraulic oil after six months and clean the tank.
  • Confer with the instruction manual for guidance. In case you are confused regarding operating your block making machine, confirm your operating manual. If it still doesn’t answer your question, contact our technical support team.
  • Have a scheduled routine checkup. You could do this weekly or monthly.
  • Ensure that the hollow block mould is kept clean and dry.

How many types of concrete ratios are there?

There are several types of concrete mixture. It ranges from M5 (lowest strength) to M70 (highest strength). Depending on the strength of the concrete mixture you desire, any of them is suitable. Its important to you use concrete mixtures that fit your project.

Grade of concreteMix ratio (cement:sand:aggregates)Grade of concreteMix ratio (cement:sand:aggregate)
M51:5:10M35Design mix
M7.51:4:8M40Design mix
M101:3:6M45Design mix
M151:2:4M50Design mix
M201:1.5:3M55Design mix
M251:1:2M60Design mix
M30Design mixM70Design mix

Are there types of brick making machines?

Yes, there are. Block making machines can broadly be divided into:

Based on the level of human input, we have manual, semi-automatic, and automatic block making machine. Also, some are powered by electricity, others by diesel, and some combine both electricity and diesel.

What are the different types of blocks?

Blocks are divided into different types based on their shapes and sizes. Broadly, there are two types of blocks.

  • Solid blocks
  • Hollow concrete blocks
  • Stretcher blocks
  • Corner blocks
  • Partition blocks
  • Lintel blocks
  • Pillar blocks

Frogged brick blocks

What are block making machines?

A block making machine automates the production process of blocks, including compressing, shaping, etc. Although it’s automated, little human intervention is still needed but is still smaller than the manual process of brick making.

lontto block making machine

The level of mechanization of the block making process is dependent on the type of machine.

Lontto provides you with the best block making machines. All machines are vetted for their reliability, efficiency, and quality.

Why should I purchase my block making machine from Lontto?

Lontto has been manufacturing block making machines for the last 30 years (started in 1990). It is safe to say that they have experience in this.

Apart from this, experienced engineers and a technical support team are skilled to help you with installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Every Lontto block making machine has passed the CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. Additionally, our factory has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

There is also a professional and reliable after-sales team that helps you with much-needed help and answers to any question you might have.

With machines scattered across the world, our clients come back with testimonials of the reliability and quality of our machines.

How can I buy a block making machine from China?

It is pretty simple. You need to contact a reliable and reputable block making machine manufacturer that wouldn’t scam you.

how to buy a block making machine from lontto

If you wish to purchase from Lontto, you should contact our sales team. They would provide you with details, advise you on which machine to choose, and show you how to ship it to your destination.

What are the block-making machine prices?

Block making machines differ in prices based on the level of mechanization. As expected, automatic block making machines cost the most, the semi-automatic ones cost less, while manual machines cost the least.

Also, shipping fees might up the price of block making machines. If you stay far from the block making manufacturers, you should expect your shipping expenses to be higher which ups the cost of your block making machine.

How do block making machines work?

Although there are several types of block making machines, they are all united in the mechanism involved in making the blocks.

First of all, you need to prepare the mortar by mixing aggregates, cement, and water. The cement to water ratio is dependent on the strength of the block you desire.

The mortar is then fed into the machine’s aggregate mortar. The block making machine automatically transfers the mortar into the moulds.

The moment the mortar lands in the mold, the hydraulic press does its job of compressing the mortar into the shape and size required. Vibrations aid the compression.

After compression, the block is delivered out of the machine through pallets. You can use hand carts (semi-automatic machines) or forklifts (automatic machines) to carry the blocks to the curing section.

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