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  • Machines built with High-Quality Parts from manufacturers like Emerson, Siemens, Omron, Schneider
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  • State of the art WEDM Cutting Block Mould

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Brick Making Machine

  • Industrial Brick Making Machine with cutting edge Block Mould technology
  • High Manganese (16 Mn) incorporated into every single steel component for maximum strength
  • Readily available spare parts with cost-efficient maintenance
  • Heavy Duty machines providing you with a reliable operating procedure
Lmt4-40 Brick Making Machine

LMT4-40 Brick Manufacturing Machine

LMT4-40 is a compact hollow brick making machine. It is suitable for small businesses. It requires low manpower while generating high returns due to its efficiency and top-quality design.

     Technical Specifications:

  • 4′, 5′, 6′ & 8′ blocks
  • Operating Power:3 kW
  • Brick Types: Hollow block, Pavement brick & Solid brick
  • Production Capacity: Solid blocks 15120-17304 pcs/8 hours

LMT4-35 Manual Brick Manufacturing Machine

LMT4-35 is built with a super vibration motor and a slightly enhanced version of LMT4-40. This is a small manual brick making machine, It can save you labor costs while producing high-quality bricks with large density and strength. Ideal for small businesses that require an easy-to-operate machine for brick manufacturing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power:2 kW
  • Production Capacity: Hollow block (400*200*200mm)
    2880 pcs/8 hours
  • Block Sizes: All types of concrete block, solid block, porous block, paver block & hollow block

LMT4-26 Concrete Brick Making Machine

LMT4-26 concrete block machine offers an efficient design, high production, and reasonable cost. Its production efficiency is higher than an LMT4-35 machine making it the best choice for small brick production businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power:65 kW
  • Pallet Size: 850×450mm
  • Capacity: Pavement Brick (200×100×40mm)
    12000 pcs/8 hours

QCM4-30 Hollow Brick Making Machine

QCM4-30 is a mobile concrete hollow block making machine operated via an Electric Motor or Diesel engine. It is built with a simplified cost-effective design and easy movability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power:5 kW
  • Capacity: 2000-2500 pieces/per day
  • Brick Size: 390x190x190mm
small mobile concrete block machine

QMJ2-40 Mobile Concrete Block Machine

QMJ2-40 is a small-scale concrete brick manufacturing machine spanning 100—300Sq. meters of surface. It is best-suited for use in a congested location with a good degree of movability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power:5 kW
  • Capacity: 400x200x200mm, 2pcs/per mold, 1440 pcs/8 hrs

QMJ4-45 Mobile Brick Making Machine

QMJ4-45 brick maker is based on a low-power design that can be operated by a single laborer.  It works by doubling the vibration frequency of the molding core to produce better block density and strength.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power:5 kW
  • Production Capacity: 8’ Hollow brick: 2560 pcs/8hours

QMJ4-30 Hydraulic Mobile Block Machine

QMJ4-30 is a hydraulic mobile brick making machine that works by shortening the molding cycle (25-30 secs). Small footprint, automatic movements triggered by the touch of a button makes it very easy to operate. It is best suited for small-scale business owners and home users.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 7 kW
  • Production Capacity: 4000-4600 pcs/day
QT4-18 brick manufacturing machine

QT4-18 Brick Making Machine

QT4-18 is an automatic, hydraulics-based, PLC-operated, and production line brick making machine. For medium to large construction businesses, this is a good fit for automatic brick production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 22Kw
  • Pallet Size: 850*550*30(mm)
  • Molding Cycle: 15-18 secs
QT4-15 automatic brick making machine

QT4-15 Block Making Machine

QT4-15 is the top-notch industrial brick manufacturing machine that utilizes precision engineering in its design and operation to provide you with high production. Fully automated processes ensure efficient raw material consumption and stable product formation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 5 kW
  • Pallet Size: 1020×570×30mm (Wood Pallet)
    1020×570×20mm (PVC Pallet)
  • Capacity: Solid Block: 86400 pcs/8 hours
QT5-15 brick making machine for sale

QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

QT5-15 is a compact automatic brick making machine, fitted with a Siemens intelligent PLC control system and a hydraulic pump for smooth molding operation. It is built with high adaptability in mind to meet the industrial standards of brick manufacturing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 25 kW
  • Capacity: Standard brick (240×115×53mm) 6000 pcs/hr.
  • Pallet Size: 1100x570mm
QT6-15 concrete brick making machine for sale

QT6-15 Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine

QT6-15 is a fully automatic fly ash brick making machine that is made up of a high-quality steel frame, robust hydraulics system, and economically recycled material feeder. All the built-in functions enable this product to create a top-quality end product feasible for every customer need.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 32 kW
  • Capacity: Solid Block: 92160 pcs/8 hours
QT8-15 brick making machine price

QT8-15 Concrete Block Brick Making Machine

Qt8-15 is a fully automatic brick-making machine that is capable of producing a variety of blocks. It is built with hi-tech systems to automate the production processes and efficiently control the raw material input. It is a production line focused product for large-scale businesses who need a solid product within strict timeframes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 55 kW
  • Brick Capacity: Solid Block: 120960pcs/8hours
  • Pallet Size: 950x900mm

QT10-15 Concrete Block Brick Making Machine

QT10-15 cement brick making machine is a high-capacity (10 pieces of blocks/mold) production line brick-making product available in both operations modes (manual & automatic) as per your needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 67 kW
  • Brick Capacity: Hollow Block 8′ inch 24000-30000 per 10 hrs.
  • Standard Block: 122400-153000 pcs per 10 hrs.

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Lontto Brick Making Machine

LONTTO is one of the best bricks making machine supplier with 30+ years of bricks machine manufacturing. LONTTO manufactures a wide variety of brick /block-making machines. Two main types are labeled as clay brick machines and concrete block machines. Customers can choose which one is feasible for their client base and market as both machines require different raw materials.

LONTTO has further classified its products according to their operating modes, production capacity, molding process, and these machines range from a manual brick maker to more advanced semi & fully automatic models. All these specified products give you a clear option to choose a machine that works best for your required outcome, market, and budget.

Brick-making machines by LONTTO can produce a large variety of clay/concrete blocks.

Some of the examples are listed as:

  • Hollow block
  • Solid block
  • Paver block
  • Interlocking brick
  • Grass planting brick
  • Curbstone
  • Clay brick

Further, molds can be custom-designed as per your specifications.

LONTTO provides state-of-the-art machines for a competitive price. The company promises top-quality production, flexibility, cost-effective solutions in brick manufacturing, and finally a reliable & trustworthy customer service for all Local/International clients.

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The Ultimate Guide: Block Making Machine

What Is Brick Making Machine?

Brick making machine is used for the production of brick/blocks of different variations depending on the customer’s market and needs. Ranging from small-scale to large-scale production of bricks, these machines come in a diverse range and functionality to satisfy the growing construction market.

brick making machine lontto group

These machines ensure product quality and durability as compared to conventional brick-making techniques. LONTTO specializes in the manufacturing of such machines and has a wide range of brick-making machines available for its clients.

How does Brick Manufacturing work?

Brick manufacturing machines produce various types of bricks for different purposes. Bricks and blocks come in varying shapes and sizes but the general process for manufacturing is relatively the same.

The brick-making process is divided into three main parts as described below:

  1. Raw Material Mixing

First of all, all the raw materials residing in the silos are taken in exact proportions to create a certain type of brick or block. For example, concrete blocks are made by using gravel, sand, and cement. So, these ingredients are taken in proportion and then mixed with water to make a mixture.

  1. Brick Molding

After the mixture is well-prepared, it is then sent to a hopper which drains the raw mixture into a mold. Molds come in different shapes and sizes for different kinds of brick manufacturing. LONTTO makes custom molds for its clients as required.

After the mixture is sent to a mold, it then uses a hydraulic pressure and strong varying vibrations to generate bricks. The molding cycle is completed in a few seconds.

  1. Brick Curing

When brick or a block comes out of a mold, it carries a definite shape and structure but it is not hard enough to be used in constructing anything. So, a brick curing kiln cures and hardens the bricks produced by a brick manufacturing machine. When bricks are cured and hardened, they can be used for construction purposes.

  1. Cubing

The last step is to arrange the manufactured bricks/blocks into cubes for easy storage.

Why use a Brick Making Machine?

Bricks are a building block of every constructed site. Different types of bricks serve different purposes because they differ in strength, size, and quality. Specifically for the manufacturing of these various types of bricks, different models of machines are made to assist the production process. Raw materials used for making these bricks also depend on the type of brick being manufactured.

why use brick making machine

The question is why should you use brick making machine? The answer to the question is simple. Machines in our daily life assist us in doing tasks with ease and robustness. In the same way, brick-making machines are manufactured to cater to the requirements of small- and large-scale brick production plants.

Brick-making machines come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation modes. Fully automatic machines let you do the work with the lowest possible manpower cutting operational costs and providing you with an autonomous brick production line. Such machines offer high production and ultimately good profit margins.

How many types of Brick-Making Machines are available?

AAC Block Manufacturing Machine

LONTTO offers a range of AAC block production machines for your growing requirements. AAC as the name implies is an Autoclaved Cellular Concrete used widely in large-scale construction buildings.

AAC blocks manufactured with LONTTO machinery offer durability, atmosphere friendliness, noise-reduction, fire-proof infrastructure, and energy efficiency.

AAC-Block-Machine LONTTO

Aluminum powder, gypsum, water, lime, cement and fly ash are used as raw materials in AAC block-making machines. These machines are built with a high degree of automation and offering high production with minimal manpower. Cost-efficiency is guaranteed when you choose LONTTO for your brick production needs.

Cement Brick Production Machine

Cement Bricks are of different sizes and shapes for use in various applications. LONTTO has a range of brick production products that differ in mode of operation i.e., manual, fully automatic & semi-automatic. Operating modes allow you to choose a product well-suited for your brick production requirements and budget.

LONTTO machines can produce cement bricks/blocks like paver blocks, hollow bricks, channel bricks, interlocking, and solid concrete bricks. Various sizes of cement bricks can be made by changing the mold. Sand, gravel, and cement are normally used as raw materials for cement blocks.

Lontto brick making machine for sale

LONTTO cement brick machine models are listed as QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, and many more.

The production capacity of bricks for these models ranges from 1280 to more than 120960 pcs/day. With high capacity, these machines ensure efficient raw material consumption and high waste reduction.

Solid Block Production Machine

Solid bricks-making machines use Portland cement, sand, gravel, and water for producing bricks. These machines can be classified based on operation mode (manual, semi-automatic, automatic & mobile). Mobile models make it easy to move machines within the site area.

LONTTO has a range of models differing in the function of producing bricks named ECO Brava, ECO BRB, LMT4-26, LMT4-35, and LMT4-40. These machines promise high-quality bricks as these machines are built using high-grade parts offering longer life and operation.

lontto brick making machine supplier

You can choose a model depending on your requirements and the money you can invest. More automation comes at a slightly higher cost but it ensures high production and gains as compared to manual models. LONTTO can also guide you in choosing the right fit.

Cover Block Manufacturing Machine

LONTTO offers models like LMT4-40, QT3-20, QT4-25C, QT4-18, QT4-15 for cover block production. Machines are built with an efficient hydraulic system and robust vibration mechanism for ensuring strength in the bricks made.

A model like QT4-15 is integrated with a PLC control system to assist with automatic brick manufacturing and to control parameters that are available for brick size and shape. Molding cycles are short and raw materials used are water, sand, and cement.

Concrete Hollow Block Manufacturing Machine

Concrete hollow blocks are used because of their lightweight and heat-resistant characteristic. Raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel, fly ash, and water is readily available.

LONTTO has both manual and automatic variations of the machines available. You can choose an automatic model if you require an autonomous operation of manufacturing bricks. It’ll lessen your recurring operational costs with minimal labor. You can opt for a manual model if you need a cost-effective solution for small-scale production.

Interlocking Brick Manufacturing Machine

LONTTO provides its customer base with interlocking brick-making machines like LMT4-26, LMT4-35, LTM4-40, M7MI, and M7MI TWIN. Models listed can produce more than 20,000 pcs/8 hours. Operational modes vary from manual, semi-auto, and automatic.

lontto interlocking brick making machine supplier

Various molds can produce varying brick designs. You can produce clay or concrete blocks as per your demands. By choosing a LONTTO brick-making machine, you can ensure non-stop production of well-built bricks as LONTTO doesn’t compromise on the quality of the equipment used.

How profitable is Brick Manufacturing?

The profitability of any business depends on the supply/demand ratio. Competitor analysis and market research is the first step into any business venture. But general profitability of any business with its costs and revenue generation differs from every other business.

Brick manufacturing can be a very rewarding business depending on the market, your country, economy, and demand. Construction in today’s world is an ongoing process so the availability of bricks and building blocks is crucial for this always expanding market.

With LONTTO’s QMY10A-25 automatic brick production machine, you can easily make 19000 to 28800 pcs/day. By taking into account, the operational cost, raw material price, and manpower cost and subtracting it from your bricks sale value you can estimate the profit margin. If the analysis is done properly and the market demand is good, you can generate high revenue by choosing LONTTO’s automatic brick production line machines.

What types of Blocks/Bricks can be produced?

Bricks manufactured using a manual or automatic machine come in various shapes and sizes according to their application in construction. Bricks vary in strength, shape, raw material used, and application.

Some common brick types are mentioned below.

  • Concrete Blocks:

Concrete blocks/bricks are low-grade and low-strength blocks. These are used in fewer numbers but their noise-blocking and heat resistant property make them a good candidate for fencing and internal brick-works. Concrete blocks require low maintenance.

concrete blocks samples for your choosen

  • Hollow Bricks:

Hollow bricks are a lightweight and green building material with heat resistance and low water absorption characteristics.

  • Clay Bricks:

Clay bricks are one of the most commonly used building materials. After molding clay blocks, these are heated under high temperature using Kilns which gives it strength and high sustainability over time.

clay brick samples for you

  • Fly Ash Bricks:

Fly Ash bricks are lightweight and require low to no plastering. These bricks have a smooth surface and these are heat-treated at high temperatures (1000 degrees)

  • Paver Bricks:

Paver bricks can withstand high pressure and load so these are used for walkways, driveways & roadside pavements.

LONTTO brick-making machines can produce a wide variety (30+ mold designs) of bricks & blocks.

How much does a Brick Making Machine costs?

Brick-making machine costs vary with the degree of autonomy it provides. Manually operated machines are the cheapest ones that are best for brick production plants with a low footprint.

On the other hand, automatic machines are offered at a competitive price which is higher than manual ones because of the incorporation of control systems. These machines offer high production volumes and lower operational costs. Raw material prices also vary from country to country so it will also add to the production cost.

lontto brick making machine cost

Lastly, shipping a machine to a local customer is cheaper than delivering a machine in another country. So, shipping cost is an additional element for international deliveries.

You can always reach us via our contact info provided on our website for a personalized quote. LONTTO offers competitive prices for the quality it promises.

How to choose the right Brick Making Machine for your business?

When starting a brick production plant, it is necessary to first analyze all the parameters so you can choose the right machinery.

First, you have to decide what type of bricks you need to produce for your clients. Then, you need to estimate the production capacity, how many bricks you require within a certain time frame. After that, you take your budget into account after calculating all the operational & labor costs and expenses.

LONTTO provides comprehensive guidance for you in choosing the right product that will fulfill your brick production requirements. You can simply contact us if you can’t decide which product to choose. Our team will help you through the way.

How can you buy a Brick Making Machine from China?

When you decide that you want to buy a certain product or machine. You can just order it online via the company’s web portal after getting a quote. Brick-making machines are delivered over the globe.

choose brick making machine from lontto co

LONTTO offers a simple and easy process. You choose our product, get a price quote and buy. The machine will be shipped to you within a specified timeframe.

LONTTO has already delivered several block machines in South Africa, concrete making machines in Bangladesh, fly-ash brick manufacturing machines in Zambia.

Why choose LONTTO for Brick Production machines/equipment?

Established in 1990, with 30+ years of manufacturing brick production machines, LONTTO has excelled in this field by developing high-end brick-making machines integrated with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering.

With its three factories spanning 500 acres of land and 1120 highly trained and skilled engineers/technicians, LONTTO manufactures 7000 units of these efficient brick-making machines in a year.

LONTTO machinery is certified with CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. It has also acquired ISO 9001-2000 Quality certification which is proof of LONTTO’s commitment to providing its products that you can rely on.

why choose lontto brick making machine

LONTTO has served over 50 prestigious clients over the globe with trustworthy sales service and customer support.

So, when you decide to buy a brick-making machine, you can choose LONTTO as your service provider.

How is the availability of Brick Making Machine spare parts?

LONTTO provides after-sales service for your ordered machinery and the spare parts can be ordered. You can also get our company’s support for training and machine inspection.

Normally, machine parts have a longer service life as LONTTO uses the best quality parts.

How does our Machine delivery work for you?

A brick-making machine with a small footprint can take 7-15 days. A middle-sized machine takes 15-22 days. Large production line machines take 25-35 days.

delivery brick making machine to customers

Our shipping partner DHL ensures on-time delivery for our international customers. LONTTO offers tracking of your orders until delivery. So, you can have a better idea of where the order has reached.

What sort of customer service is available?

LONTTO guides you from the start of your buying journey. Our company guides you through the process of quotation, order registering, and processing. Whatever details you require regarding your order, it’ll provide you with comprehensive data to build trust and authenticity.

After you receive your order, staff training and installation are also provided on demand.

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