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Compressed Earth Block Machine

The earth block making mahcine from LONTTO

  • High brick production capacity
  • Industrial Compressed Earth Block Machine with advanced technology
  • Machines manufactured using High Manganese (16 Mn) steel for robust performance
  • Cost-efficient maintenance and longer work cycles

Manual DIY Compressed Earth Block Machines for Sale

LONTTO has three models in this category of earth block-making machines. Models are listed below.

LT2-40 Manual Earth Brick Machine

LT2-40 Manual Earth Brick Machine

LT2-40 compressed earth brick machine is a manual machine. One of LONTTO’s top-selling low-priced earth brick makers that can produce 2 bricks per mold cycle. Long-life mold with 5-6 years of service, low to zero maintenance cost.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1440 pcs/8 hours
  • Power Input: Handheld (One person)

Eco Brava Compressed Earth Brick Machine

Eco Brava is built with hydraulic high-pressure molding technology best suited for compressed earth brick manufacturing. An in-built control system aids with material feeding, molding, and lifting.

More than thirty earth brick molds are available for this product. This model offers a compact design suited for small construction sites and businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 4kW for Electric-motor or 6Hp Diesel engine
  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 1920-2880pcs/8hours
  • Bricks per Mold: 1
Eco BRB Earth Block Machine

Eco BRB Earth Block Machine

LONTTO’s Eco BRB earth brick-making machine manufactures blocks using hydraulics technology with precision cutting and carburizing heat treatment to boost the end-product quality. It is a good choice for small & medium earth brick businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 6Hp diesel engine or 2.2kW electric motor
  • Molding Area: 300*150*100mm
  • Bricks per Mold: 2

Automatic Earth Block Machines for Sale

If you require an automatic earth block machine for high production and small work cycles, LONTTO offers several automatic and semi-automatic earth block machine models. These are listed as under.

LT2-10 Automatic Compressed Earth Block Machine

LT2-10 Automatic Compressed Earth Block Machine

LT2-10 is another automatic earth brick-making machine. It is a smaller version of LT4-10 equipped with a mixer, screen, and belt machine. It produces 2 earth bricks/mold. LT2-10 offers a smart solution for earth block production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 5 kW
  • Molding Cycle: 5-10 secs
  • Production capacity: up to 8000 bricks/8 hrs.
LT4-10 Automatic Compressed Earth Brick Making Machine

LT4-10 Automatic Compressed Earth Brick Making Machine

LT4-10 is LONTTO’s PLC-controlled automatic earth block-making machine that is extremely efficient in its working at a reasonable price. It uses hydraulic pressure technology and produces high density (4 pieces of Earth blocks per mold) using precision cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment. It is the best choice for medium to large investors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 10 kW
  • Brick Capacity: 11520-23040 pcs/8 hrs.
LT5-10 Compressed Earth Block Machine

LT5-10 Compressed Earth Block Machine

LONTTO’s LT5-10 is a fully automatic and somewhat improved version of LT4-10 for higher production rates. Amplified hydraulic pressure and efficient heat treatment guarantee long-lasting performance and solid bricks. It is a production line earth brick machine for large-sized businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 5-7 secs
  • Machine Power: 11 kW
  • Brick Production: 14400-28800 pcs/8 hrs.

LT7-10 Automatic Earth Brick Making Machine

LT7-10 Automatic compressed earth brick machine is better than model LT5-10 model as it can produce earth bricks (seven bricks/molding cycle). Hydraulic system ensures smooth brick production cycles and good quality of earth bricks. Large brick businesses can invest in LT7-10 for good profit margins.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 15kw
  • Capacity: 20160-40320 pcs/8 hrs.

Mobile Hydra-form Compressed Earth Block machines for Sale

Mobile models of Earth block machines are listed here. These models are fitted with wheels for easy movement and transfer to construction sites.

M7MI Hydra-form Mobile Earth Brick Machine

M7MI is another hydraulics-based mobile earth brick-making machine operated by a diesel engine. You can easily move M7MI in between construction sites. It is a low-cost machine for small earth brick-making businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Power: 12 Hp Diesel Engine
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs

M7MI TWIN Earth Brick Machine

M7MI twin is the newest design of a mobile earth brick-making machine. It is an efficiently designed machine built with mobility in mind to easily move the machine from one site to another. Two separate molds are integrated to produce two bricks per molding cycle. Machine operates by taking input from a diesel engine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Power: 12 Hp Diesel Engine
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs
  • Production Capacity: 3840 pcs/8 hrs.

Lontto Compressed Earth Brick Making Machine Factory

compressed earth block machines sale

Lontto Compressed Earth Block Machine

Compressed earth blocks are building blocks for sustainable and nature-friendly building structures. Common ground soil and a small addition of cement are required for stable earth block production. LONTTO has several models that produce good quality earth blocks. Every model varies in the mode of operation (manual, automatic, semi-automatic), input power, and brick production capacity.

Over the globe, LONTTO has fulfilled earth block machine orders for 1000+ importers that import brick-making machines from China. LONTTO has served its client base for over 30 years, holding the top rank as a brick machines manufacturer and distributor. LONTTO’s only motive is to serve brick-making businesses in the best possible manner with high-grade machinery that outperforms its competition in the market.

LONTTO takes pride in producing quality brick-making machines. The equipment that LONTTO manufactures is certified by all governing bodies including ISO delivering quality and unmatched performance over the years. LONTTO’s staff is highly qualified and the knowledge that the company has beneficially served its customers.

Whether you are just starting a compressed earth block business or any brick production company, you can trust LONTTO for top quality and customer service. Our customer care representatives are always available for you to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of high-performance brick-making machines. After you buy from LONTTO, free installation and training are provided to your workers so that you can get the most benefit from the product you buy.

In the whole Brick machine industry, LONTTO owns a reputation that no other manufacturer can match in terms of service and cost.

LONTTO offers a wide range of features and market competitive price tags for all machine models. Contact us to get a quote and complete information about the model you are interested in.

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Compressed Earth Brick Making Machine: Complete Guide & FAQs

What is a Compressed Earth Brick?

A compressed earth brick is a building material made from compressed damp soil by using an earth brick-making machine. A mechanical hydraulic press is integrated into the machine for compression purposes.

If Portland cement is added as a stabilizer in some cases for added strength, then it is called compressed stabilized earth blocks CSEBs or stabilized earth block SEB.

compressed earth blocks

Normally, raw material for earth bricks comprises 75% of sandy soil and 25% clay. For a stabilized version of these bricks, 4-8% cement is added to help in the aeration process, and offer humidity resistance.

Earth bricks are a low-cost solution to economic living in areas where the public suffers from bad economic conditions. Earth bricks offer a very cost-effective solution as houses built using these blocks are cheap and easy to manufacture with the lowest possible manufacturing costs with sustainable infrastructure.

What is an Adobe Brick?

Adobe brick is made up of soil, water, and organic material like manure & straw.  Straw was added as an adhesive to maintain stability. These were the building blocks used in ancient architecture.

adobe-bricks -lontto

How does Earth Brick Manufacturing work?

Earth bricks can be manufactured using any of the mentioned machine models by LONTTO. The first step is getting the raw materials that are easy to obtain for earth bricks as soil and clay are readily available. The mixer mixes the raw materials and water is added to moist the mixture then it is put into a mold and compressed hydraulically at 16-21 MPa.

Bricks formed are then dried for about 7-28 days so that the required quality is achieved. After drying, bricks are ready for use in construction. Mud bricks are a similar sort of earth bricks that aren’t compressed. Compression adds extra strength to the earth bricks.

For Earth bricks, the mortar is a slurry made from the same soil used to manufacture earth bricks, or cement is added for strength and stability.

Why should you use Compressed Earth Blocks?

Wherever construction takes place, the most affected thing is our environment where we live and breathe air. Earth blocks may not seem the most prominent option for construction for every builder but these bricks are the most environment friendly and sustainable.

Few points are listed below to make it clear why you should use Earth blocks in construction.

  • Low Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the total energy that’s consumed while constructing a building and the energy that is wasted in mining raw materials and transportation of material to the site and overall energy consumed in building the site.

Earth blocks have zero or close to zero embodied energy as all the raw materials are readily available near construction site.

  • Zero Carbon Emissions

Earth bricks are manufactured by directly drying in the sun and air so the kilns aren’t used in the process to burn or dry them. Therefore, there are no carbon emissions as the manufacturing process is simple and natural.

  • Zero Waste

Infrastructure built from earth bricks can last years and when a building is renovated or the structure is torn apart, there is no waste. The sand and clay used to manufacture the building return back to the ground it came from.

  • Cost

Compressed earth blocks exist as the most inexpensive building material among all other bricks like concrete blocks, clay bricks & fly-ash bricks. The raw material is very common and easy to find.

  • Suitable for Large Infrastructure

Compressed earth blocks are completely suitable for large buildings and infrastructure. In China, many ancient buildings are still standing which were built using earth blocks. So, you can build a home, a school, an industrial complex, and a clinic using these blocks without any issue.

ceb building house

As discussed, earth blocks are the most nature-friendly source of building material. All other building materials add strength and quality to building infrastructure but their use also adds toxicity to the environment. Therefore, the use of compressed and stabilized earth blocks is encouraged for a sustainable future.

What is the difference between Compressed Earth Block (CEB) and Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (SCEB)?

Compressed Earth blocks contain sand, clay & silt as a core raw material. Compressed earth blocks perform well and serve as a cheap building material due to low costs. On the other hand, stabilized compressed earth blocks contain about 8% of cement in raw material composition, which acts as a stabilizer and enhances the brick quality even more.


Compressed earth blocks that are un-stabilized aren’t completely waterproof therefore lime, plaster, or some sort of waterproof paint is used to coat the walls to avoid water damage to walls.

Stabilized earth blocks, unlike un-stabilized CEBs, are waterproof to a good extent therefore these bricks can withstand water easily.

What type of soil you should use for Earth Bricks?

Soil is the most important factor when choosing the raw material for earth bricks. Some types of soil are well suited for compressed earth brick production.

The first type of soil to look for is sandy soil. It has a grainy feel and is non-sticky. The output demands little solidity and confirms that there is no contraction at the end.

choose the soil

Secondly, a suitable soil type is gravelly, as it is rough in texture it is recommended for use in earth brick production.

Lastly, loose or silty soil is good for earth brick production. It significantly shrinks in size on compression but it retains a smooth surface.

How to choose the best raw material for Earth Bricks?

When it comes to choosing the right mix of raw materials it’s necessary to blend the right ingredients. By choosing the soil mix in the right proportions of sand, silt, and clay, you will be able to manufacture good quality earth bricks.

choose the best soil earth materials

Few proportions serve the purpose.

  • First Soil Mix includes 65-75% of sand and 25% of silt or clay
  • In the second option, you can use 33% of sand, clay, and silt each.

Here are some more tips regarding Soil quality and how to choose the best soil:

  • The first step is to have the soil lab tested for quality.
  • The soil must not contain any organic materials
  • It should contain enough clay to better bind the block
  • Soil should be free of hazardous salts
  • Soil containing more than 40% silt & clay should be mixed with sand

How to cure the compressed Earth bricks/blocks?

An earth block-making machine produces earth blocks by compressing the mixed raw material but the bricks that come out aren’t ready for construction right away.

You must cure earth bricks by keeping them in a humid environment for seven days. Direct exposure to wind and sunlight must be avoided for good strength and to evade shrinkage cracks. Blocks must remain humid for 7 days to ensure good quality and strength.

You can cover earth blocks with plastic sheets to keep them humid and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and wind.


The temperature has a crucial role in the curing of the earth blocks. High temperatures like 40 degrees will help you achieve solid earth blocks. You can increase the core temperature of earth blocks being cured by using a black plastic sheet. Black sheets will absorb more heat than transparent sheets.

After the curing process of at least seven days, bricks must remain in a dry environment for fourteen days to complete the drying process. After that earth bricks will be ready for construction purposes.

What are the applications of Earth Bricks?

arth bricks have several applications for building purposes. You can use earth bricks for constructing public & private buildings including schools, clinics, etc. You can build industrial and commercial buildings.


You can also use earth blocks in Military applications like barricades, security enforcements, and fortifications. You can construct storage & disaster relief facilities using earth bricks.

Why use an Earth Brick machine for manufacturing?

An earth brick machine is a specialized tool that helps you in the production of earth bricks in a large capacity. The question is why should you use a machine for earth brick production? It is because of the fact that these machines are specifically made to produce certain types of bricks in an efficient way.

Automatic brick production machines can produce a large number of bricks with little human effort. You should use a machine for brick production because a machine partially or completely automates the process and enables you to meet the demand.


Machines come in varying operation modes and functionality increases as the cost of the machine increases. Earth brick machines come in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. Manuals totally operated by manpower while semi-automatic requires little effort and automatic brick-making plants need very little human input and only monitoring of the process is required.

Machines reduce human effort and recurring costs related to production processes. Therefore, nowadays in all industry production lines are a norm. Humans are available only for handling purposes. Automation increases production capacity and promises good profit.

There are some more points to clarify the use of earth brick press:

  • As earth block machines have a solid build and structure, the pressing of blocks is efficient when you use an earth block machine. The machine presses the earth blocks at high pressures to ensure a uniform shape and good strength.
  • As compared to hand-made bricks, machine-made earth bricks have a short drying time. Short drying time promises high production rates.
  • Earth block machines are a cost-effective solution as most of the machine models are human-operated. Machines consume less power and the production process is faster than the traditional one.

The strength of compressed and stabilized earth blocks is enhanced when you use an earth brick machine for material compression. The strength of compressed earth block is about 3 MPa and for stabilized earth blocks, that are produced by adding Portland cement, is 4-5 MPa

How much does an Earth Brick Making Machine costs?

LONTTO has a few different models of earth brick-making machines for sale. Ranging from manual to fully automated production lines. So, the price varies from model to model. Manual models have lower production capacity so these machines cost less and the automatic models cost the most.

You can choose the right model of earth block-making machine after considering what sort of automation you require, your brick production demand, your budget, and your type of use.

You can contact LONTTO at any time for product information and a quote. Our representative will share the complete product catalog with you so you can decide which model fits your requirements and needs.

Compressed Earth Block Making MachinesUSD (2021)
LT2-40 Manual Earth Block Machine700 – 1200
ECO BRAVA Disesel or Electric CEB Machine2000 – 3000
ECO BRB Manual Interlocking CEB Block Machine2500 – 3500
LT2-10 Automatic CEB Machine8000-11000
LT4-10 Automatic CEB Brick Machine10000-16000
LT5-10 Automatic CEB Block Machine13000 – 17500
LT7-10 Automatic CEB Block Machine15000 – 18500
M7MI Interlocking Diesel CEB Machine4200 – 6500
M7MI Twin Mobile CEB Machine5800 – 8450

How to choose the right Compressed Earth Brick Making Machine for your business?

When opening an earth brick manufacturing plant, it is essential to first evaluate all the constraints so you can choose the right machinery.

First, you have to choose what type of bricks you need to produce for your clients. Then, you need to calculate the brick capacity, how many bricks you need within a specified timeline as per your business demand. After that, you validate your budget after calculating all the work & labor costs and expenditures.

LONTTO offers complete direction for you in selecting the right machine that will accomplish your brick production tasks. You can contact us if you can’t decide which product to choose. Our team will help you along the way.

How can you buy an Earth Brick Making Machine from China?

You might be wondering if LONTTO manufactures its earth brick machines in China and you reside somewhere else in the world, how can you buy a machine from LONTTO?

You don’t need to worry about anything. LONTTO has a partnership with DHL who provides shipping of brick-making machines outside of China and guarantees on-time delivery and order tracking to keep you informed about the product you ordered.

Buy earth block machine from lontto

LONTTO has already sold several bricks making equipment all over the globe in countries. The company has sold numerous brick machines in South Africa, concrete block producing machines in Bangladesh, fly-ash brick making machines in Zambia.

So, wherever you reside LONTTO can reach out to you in due time.

How to choose the right Earth Brick making manufacturer?

When you decide that you require a brick-making machine for your brick business or construction business, you need to choose the right manufacturer so that you can earn handsome profits by selecting a quality service provider.

There are several factors you need to take into account before choosing the right supplier. Factors are listed as under.

  • Product Quality:

The first thing that touches the brain when making this decision is the quality of the product. How solid and durable is the product? Is it made up of high-quality parts? How long is its operation without maintenance?

All these questions come into mind. Therefore, you need to check the product quality beforehand. One way is to go through client reviews and opinions who have already bought the product or going through product descriptions. You can either ask the company support directly to provide you with complete product information or you can ask the previous company clients.

compressed earth block making machine

Quality and long life should be enough to support you as a business. Machines should be built from high-grade parts. The best way is to ask for a complete product catalog in which you can see the product in action or you can just visit the company facility and see it yourself.

  • Certifications

The second most important thing is to check for certifications from governing bodies in the construction sector. Certifications guarantee that the product complies with rules and regulations of commercial usage and is extensively tested for quality and onsite performance.

The more the certifications, the safer is the product to use and operate. The few recommended certifications you can check for are ISO 9001-2000, CE certification, and compliance with ROHS standards.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main factors that affect your decision to buy the most. Companies that excel in the field they exist always keep their customer a priority. A customer buys from you when he/she trusts your company and the first thing you come across anyone in a company is the support staff.

You can check the reliability of customer care by asking relevant queries about the product you are interested in. If you are getting a prompt response and complete information about the desired product, this means that a company values you and it is there to support you through the process.

ceb machine factory

Some companies show their true face after you become their customer. So ideal customer support should remain the same even after you have bought their product.

  • Training & Support

The third factor is training and support for complex machinery. Machines require complete operating knowledge to get the most out of them. Such high production brick machines come with a high price tag, so a company should provide training to your workers & installation support.

So, that you can use the brick-making machine effectively and gain profit as you go ahead. This training and support should best be free and its cost must be covered within the machine cost without any extra charges.

Why choose LONTTO for Brick Production machines/equipment?

With 30+ years of producing brick/block manufacturing machines, LONTTO has outclassed in this arena by developing top-quality brick-making machines incorporated with precision engineering.

LONTTO has three factories spread across 500 acres of property with 1120 highly qualified staff. The company produces 7000 units of brick-making machines per year.

LONTTO machinery is certified with CE certification and in compliance with ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. ISO 9001-2000 Quality certification justifies LONTTO’s pledge to provide quality machines with long-lasting performance.

LONTTO has served more than 50 significant clients and 1000+ importers over the globe with reliable & unmatched customer service.

choose lontto as your earth block machine factory

So, when you decide to buy a brick-making machine, you can choose LONTTO because it offers a product that satisfies.

After serving hundreds of customers locally and globally, LONTTO has excelled in brick machine manufacturing with its clay brick making machines, cement brick making machines, fly ash brick making machines, and earth brick making machines. LONTTO’s machinery can last years without any critical maintenance because LONTTO uses high-grade parts to build machines.

High-quality steel is used in machine production. Further, LONTTO’s partnership with Omron, Schneider, Emerson, Calyca guarantees top-quality machinery. Automatic machines are fitted with Schneider’s PLC control mechanisms that are used to automate the brick-making process.

Quality is the only thing you get when you choose LONTTO as your brick machine manufacturer.

Secondly, our web portal has all the material you need before buying a brick-making machine. We have confidence in you as our priority so to help you make the right choice, we share information first, and then we show our product.

LONTTO has constructed a repute based on customer satisfaction by delivering brick-making machines all over the world.

What sort of customer service is available for CSEB Block Mchine?

LONTTO provides extensive customer care for you. You can contact us for any query you have related to our products and brick manufacturing. Our customer service is dedicated to helping you make the best decision for your brick-making business.

Customer service is available 24/7. You can contact us anytime for information regarding our machine models or a price quote for the machine model you are interested in.

Contact us and let us assist you in making the right use of your money for your business.

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