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  • Machines at affordable prices but high quality
  • All machines have been sold to over 100 countries across different continents
  • Lontto has passed the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System Certification since 2011.
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  • All spare parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
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Solid Block Making Machine

  • The moulds are manufactured from super-strong steel and subjected to heat treatment.
  • The machine supports all block sizes, shapes, and designs. You simply need to change the mould.
  • Lontto has Over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of solid block making machines.
  • Lontto can arrange the supply to any country on any continent.
  • All machines are available at very competitive prices.
  • Pay a visit to us today or make an order via our sales desk.
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LMT4-40 Manual Solid Block Making Machine

LMT4-40 Manual Solid Block Making Machine

Looking at this solid block making machine, one can see that the manufacturers gave high priority to convenience and efficiency. The compact design and low price make it ideal for solid block manufacturers to conserve space (which takes only 500m2) and newbies. This machine gives a high production rate with the input of little human resources.

This machine uses high vibration to produce quality blocks. It can also make blocks of different shapes, sizes, and designs by exchanging the mould. You will be getting the machine itself, a manual cart, a 350 pan mixer, and a spare parts box for little investment.

  • Shaping cycle: 40 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2000-2200 (hollow blocks), 12000-14000 (solid blocks), and 8000-10000 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 850*450mm
  • Power:7kw

LMT4-35 Manual Solid Block Making Machine

This solid block making machine is a direct upgrade of the LMT4-40. Unlike the former, this solid concrete block making machine comes with a materials hopper attached to a 6m conveyor belt and a higher vibration power (32kw).

Just as one would expect, the production capacity and efficiency are higher than the model LMT4-35. Hence, if you’re searching for an improvement, this machine would be suitable for you.

  • Shaping cycle: 35 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2880 (hollow blocks), 5760 (solid blocks), and 9920 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 850*450*30mm
  • Power:2kw
LMT4-26 Manual Solid Block Making Machine

LMT4-26 Manual Solid Block Making Machine

The model LMT4-26 is an excellent solid cement block making machine for those with a small budget or newbies who are just starting the block-making business. It comes with a free block mould which can be changed to mould any type of block.

The frame is made of solid iron (16Mn). Hence, it is very strong and durable. This model also has a strong vibration motor that produces strong vibrations, which result in quality blocks.

  • Shaping cycle: 20-26 seconds
  • Production capacity: 3200 (hollow blocks), 6720 (solid blocks), and 12000 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 850*450*30mm
  • Power:65kw
QT4-18 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

QT4-18 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

This concrete block making machine is fully automated: from the loading of the pallet and material, mixing, transportation of the manufactured blocks, and pallet stacking. It is a good investment for medium and large scale industries. The parts are all from reputable manufacturers such as Siemens.

QT4-18 accommodates a wide range of raw materials such as crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag and many more. There are two sets of manual carts to aid in transporting the ready-made blocks to your curing section.

  • Shaping cycle: 15-18 seconds
  • Production capacity: 7680 (hollow blocks), 23040 (solid blocks), and 46080 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 850*550mm
  • Power: 22kw
QT4-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

QT4-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Just like the QT4-18, this model is also a fully automatic solid block making machine.

However, it is an upgrade over the former machine. The whole system is controlled by a PLC system sourced from a reputable manufacturer: Mitsubishi.

The PLC system makes human-machine dialogue and analysis of chance signals very easy. It also produces blocks of different sizes: all you need to do is change the mould.

Although this machine is a little bit on the high side, the benefits far outweigh the cost. As a matter of fact, you will only be needing five (5) workers to run this machine.

  • Shaping cycle: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 7200-9600 (hollow blocks), 25200-33600 (solid blocks), and 59290-67200 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 1020×570×30mm(Wood Pallet) 1020×570×20mm(PVC Pallet)
  • Power:5kw
QT5-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

QT5-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

This is a fully automatic solid block making machine. Hence, it is controlled by a PLC system sourced from reputable manufacturers, with data input, storage section, and a human-machine interface. The human-machine interface makes it easy to detect faults in the solid block making machine before becoming something worse.

The manufacturers decided to separate the hydraulic section into a hydraulic pump station to avoid interference of the system by dust particles and vibrations. Hence, the machine is guaranteed to produce quality blocks.

  • Shaping cycle: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 12000-18000 (hollow blocks), 14000-21600 (solid blocks), and 21600-32400 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 1020×570×30mm(Wood Pallet) 1020×570×20mm(PVC Pallet)
  • Power:5kw
QT6-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

QT6-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

QT6-15 is a solid block making machine of the hydraulic type. It utilises large amounts of hydraulic pressure generated by its hydraulic system to create strong blocks of good quality. The system also supports a wide range of raw materials such as ash, slag, and many more.

The mould of this solid block making machine has been subjected to heat treatment and is composed of super-strong steel. Hence, it is long-lasting.

  • Shaping cycle: 15-20 seconds
  • Production capacity: 21600 (hollow blocks), 28800 (solid blocks), and 11520 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 940×830×25mm
  • Power: 43kw

QT8-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

If you’re going for a fully automatic cement solid block making machine coupled with high production capacity and block quality, QT8-15 is the solid cement block making machine to purchase. The machine supports the use of a wide range of raw materials such as fly ash, gravel, cement, sand, and so on.

The components of the hydraulic system,, such as the valves are sourced from popular manufacturers. Thus, the hydraulic system is high performing and aids in producing quality blocks.

  • Shaping cycle: 15-20 seconds
  • Production capacity: 11520-15360 (hollow blocks), 30240-40320 (solid blocks), 32256-40320 (paver blocks) and 24192-30240 (interlocking bricks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 950*990mm
  • Power: 55kw

QT10-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

This is a monstrous, fully automatic solid concrete block making machine. The production capacity, efficiency, durability, and quality of blocks produced makes it an excellent choice for large block making factories.

You can operate this machine with only one worker. Hence, you can cut down on labour costs drastically.

It has a recycled material feeding system that economises raw materials without compromising the blocks’ quality. With the mould frame made from 55# manganese steel and tamper head from manganese steel 16#, you can use the mould over 100000 times without any problem. The mould is also subjected to heat treatment which gives it strength.

  • Shaping cycle: 15-20 seconds
  • Production capacity: 21600 (hollow blocks), 28800 (solid blocks), and 11520 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: 940×830×25mm
  • Power: 43kw

Lontto Solid Block Making Machine

Lontto Solid Block Making Machine factory

Lontto Solid Block Making Machine

Your search for a reputable, solid making machine manufacturer can come to a stop.

Lontto is a reputable solid block making machine domiciled in China. For over 30 years, we have been making quality machines that have been shipped across the world without any hassle. Solid block manufacturers have made our company a final destination in their search for quality machines. Apart from that, we employ over 1000  highly skilled professionals and have been able to develop more than 70 patents based on quality research in the experimental research centre.

There is a sales team to guide from enquiries to purchase and after purchase. If you have any problems during maintenance, operation, or installation, there’s also a dedicated technical team on hand to offer assistance. In-person installation in your home country is also possible. In case you decide to visit the company in China to make your purchase, accommodation is provided.

Lontto solid concrete block making machines produce blocks of different shapes, sizes, and designs with a change of mould. The moulds are also quality, having been constructed with high-quality steel and subjected to heat treatment, also known as carburisation. You can use these moulds severally without a reduction in quality.

Lontto has passed CE and ISO 9001: 2000 certification, which guarantees high standards and high quality. The blocks produced by the machines have also been certified to be of high quality by various quality assurance organisations.

At Lontto, we manufacture and supply manual solid block making machines and automatic solid block making machines.

The manual models include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26.

Automatic models include QT4-15, QT4-18, QT5-15, QT15, and QT10-15.

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The Ultimate Guide: Solid Block Making Machine

What is a solid block making machine?

Simply put, a solid block making machine is a machine used to produce solid blocks.

Solid block making machines manufactured by lontto also produce other types of blocks such as paver blocks, interlocking bricks, hollow blocks, and many more. Also, there are moulds available for different sizes of blocks.

The wide variety of solid block making machines out in the market might make choosing one confusing. You should determine your needs and budget before going for anyone.

What are the types of solid block making machines?

Solid concrete block making machines are broadly classified into two groups:

  • Manual solid concrete block making machine.

As the name implies, these machines are operated manually. They require a moderate amount of workforce to run successfully and are usually powered by electricity.

The manual solid block making machines manufactured and supplied by Lontto include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, and LMT4-26.

  • Automatic concrete solid block making machine.

These solid block making machines are fully automated. They are all controlled by a computerised system equipped with a touch screen that helps detect faults as soon as they appear and manage the machine with ease.

Their large size makes them a good fit for large-scale industries with space to spare.

The models manufactured and supplied by lontto include QT4-18, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, and QT10-15.

How can I get a solid block making machine?

A simple google search of solid block making machines will turn up a huge amount of machines varying in prices, production capacity, manufacturers, and so on. It might prove harder to decide on which is quality.

However, lontto has simplified it for you. With a simple click on Lontto’s website, a sales rep will guide all you need to know, and the prices can be emailed to you.

Before choosing one, you should:

  • Construct a business plan. This will serve as a guide and should include the amount you can spare on purchasing a machine.
  • Decide on the shape, design, and size of blocks you’ll be producing.
  • Considering the level you’re in the business, choose which production capacity will be sufficient.
  • Consult with the sales brochure or other sales materials to see product specifications. The machine you choose should reflect the specifications you prioritise. In all, remember that the cheapest or the costliest cannot be a reliable determinant when selecting a machine. If the technical specifications do not fit your needs, purchasing such a machine would waste resources.

What are the advantages of investing in a solid block making machine?

  • Higher productivity. Solid block making machines produce more blocks in less time and with less raw materials. This is very good if you have a large customer base.
  • You spend less on labour, which translates to more profits. Some fully automatic solid block making machines require only one worker.
  • Solid block making machines produce more blocks without reducing the quality of the blocks.
  • Economizes raw materials. Manufacturers of some of these machines have included a recycling feeding system that reduces raw materials waste.
  • Solid block making machines can produce a wide range of designs, sizes, and types of blocks. Their versatility also lies in their ability to produce blocks from various kinds of raw materials.
  • Concrete solid block making machines produce blocks of high quality. This is because of the super-high vibrations and hydraulic pressure produced by such machines.

Overall, buying a solid brick making machine might be uncomfortable now but pays off in the long run.

How are concrete blocks produced?

Although the level of automation might differ, the idea behind the process remains the same.

The first step is to mix the necessary raw materials. The raw materials include cement, water, and aggregates. It’s essential to adhere to the recommended ratios.

For some machines, you are not required to do the mixing manually since the machine itself is equipped with a mixer that rotates at high speed and mixes the materials until an even mixture is obtained.

For fully automatic machines, you will simply need to feed the cement into the silo and watch the machine do the rest. The result is blocks produced with the same ratio over time.

After mixing, it’s now time for you to feed it into the machine. The mortar moves from the material hopper to the moulding section, where it provides the moulds. High hydraulic pressure coupled with super vibrations, both of which vary with machines, act on the mould to ensure the quality and density of the block.

After moulding has been completed, the blocks are delivered out of the machine on pallets. Depending on the type of machine, the blocks are carried to the curing section on hand carts or five pallets are stacked on top of each other and delivered to the curing section via a forklift. To improve the quality of the block, you should sprinkle them every six (6) hours.

The speed, capacity and overall production process may differ depending on the machine you’re using.

What is the difference between cement and concrete?

People often use each of them in place of the other. There’s also a misconception that the two of them mean the same thing. Although this is somewhat right, it doesn’t paint the whole picture.

Cement is simply the powdery raw material used to make blocks, whereas concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates in adequate proportion.

What are the advantages of solid blocks?

  • Construction costs are cut tremendously.

When compared to construction with bricks, blocks cost less. When building with bricks, you’ll have to spend on wood, coal, etc.

  • Solid blocks are perfect for pillars, load-bearing walls, foundations, and other critical structural portions of a building. They can be relied on to ensure the stability and strength of your building. Unlike hollow concrete blocks, there are no holes within, which makes them stronger.
  • They are perfect for areas in which having a hole will be dangerous
  • Solid blocks are very easy to produce, unlike bricks. Apart from that, the raw materials are readily available.
  • Buildings made with concrete blocks are completed faster due to the large sizes of the blocks.
  • In the event of a natural disaster such as earthquakes, buildings composed of solid blocks are more likely to survive.

What should I look out for when buying a solid block making machine?

  • Production capacity.

Before going for a solid block making machine, you should estimate the number of blocks you’ll need per day. You can have an idea of this, from the number of customers you currently or will have and the buildings you’re presently servicing or will be engaging in.

  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic? Electric or hydraulic?

As expected, fully automatic cost the most, followed by semi-automatic machines. However, they are faster and more efficient. If the price fits your budget and you have the customer base and demand to cover the costs, you can go for it.

Solid block making machines that are hydraulic-driven perform better. This is because the high hydraulic pressure can sufficiently compact the mortar in the mould, increasing the density and quality of the blocks.

  • Mobility

Although automatic machines are great, if you run a business where you’ll need to move your machine, the size of the machine makes that impossible.

Some solid block making machines have wheels that make transportation easy. If you would be moving from one site to another, this should be your choice.

  • Customer service

If you’re a newbie, having a good customer service team to offer technical assistance for the operation, maintenance and installation of the machine are very crucial. You can have a feel of their service when you place an order or make enquiries before purchase.

  • Pocket size

Cutting your coat according to your size is essential. Translating this, you should spend the money you can spare. Apart from being able to afford the machine, the cost of the machine should match your production capacity. You can start with a small machine and grow from there.

  • Available area

For industries with a small land area, using a large machine will not be feasible. You should check the machine dimensions and compare them with the land area you have.

  • Company reputation

In this present age, getting information is relatively easy. Interactions with previous customers will reveal the company’s reputation.

The longer a manufacturer has been in existence, the more reliable they are. For instance, Lontto has been in existence for over 30 years. Within this period, machines of verifiable quality, efficiency, and durability have been produced.

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