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Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

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ECO BRAVA Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

ECO BRAVA Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

LONTTO’s ECO Brava hydraulic interlocking brick making machine is a small size machine weighing only 230Kgs. It uses high hydraulic pressure (60MPa) molding technology to produce solid quality bricks.

Control system aids in material feeding and mold handling. It is the best choice for small firms. More than thirty, clay brick molds are available for different brick shapes & sizes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 20-25 secs
  • Input Power: 6Hp Diesel Engine or 2.2kW Electric Motor
  • Molding Area: 300*150*100mm (One Brick/Mold)
  • Brick Capacity: 1920-2880 pcs/8 hrs.

ECO BRB Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

ECO BRB is an enhanced version of ECO Brava in terms of brick capacity. It utilizes strong hydraulics (60MPa pressure) and carburizing heat technology to form ecological clay bricks or cement blocks.

It produces two bricks per mold. A variety of interlocking brick molds is available to choose from.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 20 secs
  • Input Power: 2KW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine
  • Production Capacity: 3840-5760 pcs/8 hrs.

LT2-10 Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine

LT2-10 is a cost-effective automatic hydraulic interlocking brick making machine that has the high build quality and it is a suitable choice for small to medium brick businesses. 

The machine produces bricks without any power consumption which makes it more feasible for small business owners.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 10 secs
  • Input Power: Electric
LT4-10 Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine

LT4-10 Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine

LT4-10 by LONTTO is an automatic hydraulic interlocking brick machine. It uses a PLC control for feeding material and pressing molds with high precision.

Large brick businesses can invest in this hydraulic brick machine for high gains in profits. LT4-10 is for sale at a market competitive price.

Technical Specifications:

  • Production Capacity: 8000 clay blocks per 8 hrs.
  • Pressure: 21 MPa
  • Molding Cycle: 8-10 secs

LT5-10 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

LT5-10 is a hydraulic interlocking brick machine that comes with automatic functionality, able to produce good quality bricks. LT5-10 is a production line brick machine that can produce 14400 bricks every eight hours. Large brick businesses can invest in LT5-10 to meet high brick demand and gain good returns on the money.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure: 60 MPa
  • Molding Cycle: 5-10 secs
  • Input Power: 11 kW
M7M1 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

M7M1 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

M7M1 is a mobile hydraulic brick-manufacturing machine that operates with the help of a 12 Hp diesel engine. It is built with the ease of moving machines to nearby sites. It can serve you well if you have electricity issues or load-shedding. It is a good choice for small brick businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs
  • Power Input: 12 Hp Diesel Engine
  • Pressure: 16 MPa
  • Brick Capacity: 2400 pcs/ 10 hrs.
QT3-20 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

QT3-20 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

QT3-20 is a hydraulic cement brick making machine that can produce different types of bricks like hollow bricks, porous bricks, pavement blocks, color paver bricks. etc.

If you have a small budget and you need to run a brick-making factory, you can invest in QT3-20. LONTTO offers QT3-20 at a reasonable price with easy operation & maintenance and long working life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 7 kW
  • Production Capacity: 4200~4600 Bricks/ 8 hrs.
QT4-18 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

QT4-18 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

QT4-18 is an automatic, hydraulics-based, PLC-operated, and production line brick-making machine. For medium to large construction businesses, this is a good fit for automatic brick production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 22Kw
  • Pallet Size: 850*550*30(mm)
  • Molding Cycle: 15-18 secs
QT4-15 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

QT4-15 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

LONTTO QT4-15 is equipped with PLC control which automates the brick making process. A robust vibration mechanism allows for good brick quality.

QT4-15 is suitable for sustainable brick production. QT4-15 comes with a price tag that ensures high returns on production. It is well-suited for large brick manufacturers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: Standard Block 59290-67200 pcs
  • Power: 5 kW
  • Molding Cycle: 15 secs

QT5-15 Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine

LONTTO’s QT5-15 utilizes cutting-edge step-by-step vibration technology for brick pressing.

Bricks made with QT5-15 are of good quality with properties like anti-seepage, anti-freeze, noise insulation, and thermal insulation.

The machine efficiently processes raw material to make hollow bricks, paver blocks, solid blocks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 15-20Mpa
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs
  • Capacity: Hollow Blocks 12000-18000 pcs/10 hrs.
QT6-15 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

QT6-15 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

LONTTO QT6-15 is an automatic cement brick making machine fitted with a human-machine interface and PLC control.

It automates the process of brick production while utilizing low manpower.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: Hollow Block 21600 pcs/ 10 hrs.
  • Molding Cycle: 10-15 secs
  • Operating Power: 32 kW
QT8-15 Fully-Automatic Hydraulic Block Making Machine

QT8-15 Fully-Automatic Hydraulic Block Making Machine

LONTTO QT8-15 is a production line cement concrete brick making machine with a PLC control, robust hydraulics for smooth operation, and a high-grade steel frame.

QT8-15 can fulfill your high brick production demands and offers a long-term cost-effective solution for large brick businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 51 kW
  • Machine Size: 8300×3000×1860 mm
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs
  • Production Capacity: 11520-15360 Hollow Blocks/ 8 hrs.
QT10-15 Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

QT10-15 Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

QT10-15 is available in manual & automatic operation modes. You can opt for QT10-15 if you have a high budget and high production demand. 

Manual configuration of QT10-15 costs less than a fully automated machine. Brick quality is of a high standard with this high-end hydraulic brick-making machine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 10-15 secs
  • Production Capacity: 8’ Hollow Block 24000-30000 pcs/10 hrs.
  • Operating Power: 67 kW
  • Mold Configuration: 10 pcs of hollow blocks/mold

Lontto Hydraulic Brick Making Machine Factory

hydraulic brick making machine factory

Lontto Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

LONTTO is a top-rated hydraulic brick making machine seller. With 30+ years in the brick industry, LONTTO has acquired an unmatched reputation as a quality brick-making machine manufacturer and distributor. LONTTO’s commitment to providing high-end machines is visible through the customer experience it offers.

LONTTO’s customer care is established only to assist you in not just buying but also to share necessary information to make an informed decision. You are at the heart of LONTTO’s way to excellence.

LONTTO manufactures a wide variety of hydraulic brick-making machines for different customer levels and demands. Hydraulic machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations.

You can choose the right machine by contacting us and asking for a product catalog you are interested in. Different machines require different numbers of manpower to operate. Brick production rate, operating cost, and price is different for every single machine.

LONTTO’s machinery is tested and certified for commercial brick manufacturing. Every single machine is tested for quality and long-term operation with minimal service costs.

LONTTO has served over 50 esteemed clients all over the world with reliable sales service and unmatched customer support.

So, when you decide to buy a brick making machine, you can choose LONTTO as your service provider.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide: Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

What is a Hydraulic Brick Making Machine?

Hydraulic Brick making machine is used for the manufacturing of different types of bricks/blocks as per brick business demands. A brick making machine is a piece of specialized equipment, engineered to produce bricks of varying shapes and sizes depending on the mold. These brick making machines come in different configurations with different functionality.

Hydraulics is a mechanical function that uses liquid pressure to create a force that is applied at one point and is transmitted to another point. Such a system is built into these brick making machines as this enables smooth and stable operation. Hydraulic brick machines range from manual to semi & fully automatic versions.


These hydraulic brick machines guarantee product quality and durability as compared to conservative brick-making methods. LONTTO specializes in the manufacturing of hydraulic brick machines and has a wide range of machines available for you.

How does a Hydraulic Brick Machine work?

Hydraulic brick machines consist of several parts for the production of bricks. A mixer is required to mix the raw material, then the material is fed into the machine for processing & molding. Mold is a machine part that is used to form a shape of brick as required.

All these parts are made of high-manganese steel to safeguard the brick-making procedure. After the material is fed, the machine presses it into the molds using a hydraulic system for control. The molding cycle is usually 10-45 secs depending on the machine model.

When the molding cycle is over, bricks come out in a definite shape and then are processed or treated to be used in construction.

Why use a Hydraulic Brick Making Machine?

When you think of starting a brick business or growing the already settled business, you always think of a sustainable process for brick production. When demand grows you look for a working solution that can meet the demands in time so you can grow your brick business.

automatic hydraulic brick making machine

A hydraulic brick making machine is an answer to all the high demands in brick production. Large-scale brick production requires automated production line machines so that you can keep growing as a business with minimal human effort.

A hydraulic brick-making machine offers high production of bricks, efficient use of raw material, low-service costs, and good profit margins.

How many types of Hydraulic Brick-Making Machines are available?

Hydraulic brick making machines are available in different models and configurations. Ranging from manual models to fully automated production lines. All these machines are fitted with a hydraulic system for control. Carburizing heat treatment is integrated for better brick formation and strength. Pressure molding at 60 MPa guarantees good brick quality with uniform shape and size.

Hydraulic interlocking clay brick making machine models are listed as ECO Brava, Eco BRB, Lt2-40, Lt4-10, LT5-10, and M7MI. You can buy these brick machines for interlocking brick manufacturing.

hydraulic clay brick making machine

Automatic hydraulic cement brick making machines are listed as QT3-20, QT4-18, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, and QT10-15.

hydarulic concrete block making machine

All these models guarantee superior performance and high-quality brick production. You can contact us for detailed information regarding each model.

What types of Blocks/Bricks can be produced?

Bricks manufactured using a manual or automatic hydraulic brick press come in different shapes and sizes. Bricks differ in quality, shape, raw material, and application in construction.

Some common brick types are mentioned below.

  • Concrete Blocks:

Concrete blocks/bricks are low-strength blocks used in construction. Still, these bricks are used for different purposes. Low maintenance, noise, and heat blocking properties make them a good candidate for internal brickwork & fencing.

  • Hollow Bricks:

Hollow bricks offer heat resistance and low water absorption. These are lightweight building blocks and green construction materials.

concrete blocks and clay brick

  • Clay Bricks:

Clay bricks are used commonly in most construction works due to their high stability over long periods. Clay bricks are heat-treated after molding, in the kilns at very high temperatures.

  • Fly Ash Bricks:

Fly Ash bricks are the most sustainable building material as it is made up of fly ash which is powerplant waste. These bricks are light, have a uniform shape, and require low plastering due to uniformity.

  • Paver Bricks:

Paver bricks are used in the construction of walkways, driveways & roadside pavements.

LONTTO brick-making machines can manufacture a wide variety (30+ mold designs) of bricks & blocks.

How much does a Hydraulic Brick Making Machine costs?

Hydraulic Brick-making machine costs vary as every single model differs in brick production capacity, manpower, and power consumption. Manual brick-making machines are available at a low price due to low brick capacity, a good choice for small brick businesses or private contractors.

Automatic hydraulic brick machines on the other hand are available at higher prices due to the functionality they can offer. These machines offer high production volumes and lower operational costs. LONTTO offers competitive prices for the quality it promises.

You can always reach us via the website for detailed product info & quote.

How to choose the right Hydraulic Brick Making Machine for your business?

Hydraulic brick machines come in different models for different client requirements. As machines vary in size, operation and cost so do the client demands. To choose the right hydraulic brick-making machine for your brick business, you need to consider these factors mentioned below.

hydraulic brick machine budget

  • Budget

Budget is the main factor that affects your choice. You need to have a good estimate of how much you can spend. You should calculate all the costs related to the product like raw material cost, operational cost, and labor cost. This practice will help you make an informed decision that will ultimately help your brick business grow.

  • Demand

Brick production demand is the second factor you should take into account. How much production is required to run daily operations? You can contact us for detailed information regarding the production capacity for any of our hydraulic machine models.

If you have enough budget and you have an estimate of brisk demand, you can choose the right model within your budget.

  • Market Survey

This is the impacting factor for new brick businesses. A market survey is required so that you can understand what type of bricks are in demand. How the brick demand is growing and how will you manage to compete within the market?

A market survey tells you about the hottest item in the market and the ones that are rarely manufactured. This will help you if you are an amateur in the brick-making business and you can then choose the right machine that fits your needs.

After taking all these points into account, you can choose the right hydraulic brick-making plant for your brick business. If you are unable to decide which product to choose, you can contact LONTTO without any hesitation. Our staff will provide the information you are looking for.

How can you buy a Hydraulic Brick Making Machine from China?

LONTTO has a global customer base and satisfied clients all over the continents. If you are a local business owner in China, it’s easy to deliver the machinery.

But it’s not a problem even if you reside in any part of the world. DHL is LONTTO’s logistics partner for more than 30 years and DHL promises on-time delivery with an order tracking facility.

When you choose the right machine for your brick-making business, you can contact us for a quote and then buy if you make up your mind.

LONTTO guarantees safe delivery all over the world. So, there is no issue with delivery even if you are outside mainland China.

Why choose LONTTO for Brick Production machines/equipment?

There are always reasons behind every human action. You trust whatever captures your attention or interest. So you might think why should you choose LONTTO over any other brick machines supplier?

LONTTO doesn’t just market the product, we market values that we provide and we build connections and bonds by gaining your trust by delivering quality.

top hydraulic brick making machine company

LONTTO takes pride in satisfying customers when each and every company runs after quick fame and recognition, LONTTO has built a platform of trust with over 30 years of serving clients.

So here are some points you should consider before choosing LONTTO.

  • Quality

LONTTO guarantees quality not just in words but the machines that LONTTO manufactures are built from spare parts by companies like Emerson, Schneider, Omron, Calyca. Etc. Each and every single machine part is engineered to perform in the best possible manner. Such high-quality parts ensure high-performance and low service costs.

With its three industrial units covering 500 acres of land and 1120 highly qualified and experienced engineers/technicians, LONTTO produces 7000 units of these hydraulic brick-making machines per year.

Every single part is tested multiple times for stable operations. LONTTO machinery is certified with CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification.

LONTTO is an ISO 9001-2000 certified quality hydraulic brick-making machine supplier. When you decide to choose LONTTO as your supplier, quality shouldn’t be a worry for you.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is the main factor when you choose to buy a product from any company. Especially when you are investing a good amount of money, you require all the details about the product beforehand so you can buy a product that’s feasible for your business.

LONTTO’s customer care staff is well trained to help you make an informed decision and share every information you need.

Customer care by LONTTO is available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about whatever time zone you are in, just forward your query, and our representative will respond immediately.

  • Free Training & Installation

LONTTO provides free installation of machinery when it reaches your site. Training on how to use the machines effectively and get desired output is provided to you when you choose LONTTO. Such training is beneficial for your workers and business at the same time.

Knowledge of every single part and process is provided free of cost only to ensure that the equipment you purchased, work efficiently.

Finally, LONTTO remains the best in business due to its efforts to maintain a bond with its clientele. A connection that helps your brick business grow bigger. All these points are just a symbol of LONTTO’s excellence in the brick machine manufacturing industry.

LONTTO is the top supplier in the hydraulic brick-making machine business with customers spread locally and worldwide.

Contact us today and get your queries answered by our qualified staff. Thank You.

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