Top Class Concrete Block Making Machine

By Lontto Group: Top In China

  • Easy to maintain and operate Concrete Block Making Machines
  • Robust machines with long life
  • Available in Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic mode of operation
  • Both Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic
  • A prime choice for Concrete Block Making across the world

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Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Concrete Block Making Machines are equipped with high-tech PLC systems. These systems reduce the chances of human error and allow many functions to be circuit operated.
  • Lontto’s Concrete Block Making Machine will reduce your cost of manual labor by automating the process of producing blocks without any halts.
  • Optimal power consumption per block. This means every block produced is from very little power.
  • Once trained by our technicians and engineers, anyone can operate these machines. Training and installation are free of cost.
  • A global leader in making various types of block shapes and sizes. High-quality concrete blocks have high durability that makes any construction project top-notch.
LMT4-40 concrete block making machine

LMT4-40 Compact Concrete Block Making Machine

LMT4-40 is manual brick making machine with a 5 parts assembly machine. Two parts are main; one for mixing the material, and the other for making the blocks. Best suited for small construction sites or small block manufacturers. Operation is manual and requires 2 to 3 workers to operate.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 4’ to 8’ concrete blocks
  • Block Types produced: Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous
  • Production Capacity: 2240pcs/8 hours
  • Power Requirement: 9.3 kW
  • Operation: Manual
LMT4-35 concrete block making machine

LMT4-35 Concrete Block Making Machine

LMT4-35 concrete cement brick making machine requires a space of 360m2. The shaft is coated with hard cadmium, which increases the mechanical strength and reduces wear and tear. One major difference from LMT4-40 is, there is an automatic operation between the mixer and the block machine. Less labor is required. Only 2 workers can operate easily.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 8’
  • Block Types produced: Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous concrete blocks
  • Production Capacity: 420-480 Pcs/hour for hollow blocks
  • Power Requirement: 9.7 kW
  • Operation: Manual
LMT4-26 concrete block making machine

LMT4-26 Concrete Block Making Machine

LMT4-26 uses a pallet size of 850x550mm. This brick making machine is operated manually by feeding the mixer with the material and carrying the created blocks from the machine output. Everything else is automated. It weighs around 4200 Kg.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x20x200mm
  • Block Types produced: Hollow and solid concrete blocks
  • Production Capacity: 556 pcs/hour for hollow blocks
  • Power Requirement: 11.6 kW
  • Operation: Manual

QCM4-30 Concrete Block Making Machine

QCM4-30 concrete hollow block machine uses no pallets. Weight is only 900kgs which makes it easy to transport. On construction sites, this machine can be moved easily with the help of small wheels underneath. QCM4-30 creates blocks from one mold in 30 seconds.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x200x200mm
  • Block Types produced: Hollow
  • Production Capacity: 480 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 4 kW
  • Operation: Manual mobile
small mobile concrete block machine

QMJ2-40 Concrete Block Making Machine

QMJ2-40 One of the lightest machines designed by Lontto. QMJ2-40 weighs only 215 kgs and can be operated by a single person. Mobility is easy with a pressure bar handle and metallic wheels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 8’
  • Block Types produced: Both solid and hollow
  • Production Capacity: 180pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 5 kW
  • Operation: Manual mobile

QMJ4-45 Concrete Block Making Machine

With a vibrating force of 30 kilonewtons, QMJ4-45 makes concrete blocks every 45 seconds. This easy to operate machine is only 1200 kgs and highly movable with its 4 metallic wheels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 8’
  • Block Types produced: Hollow
  • Production Capacity: 320 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 6.5 kW
  • Operation: Manual mobile

QMY4-30 Concrete Block Making Machine

QMY4-30 is a compact machine that comes with a mounted control unit. No pallet is needed. It can produce up to 1008 blocks of dimension 400x100x200 mm per hour.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x100x200 mm, 400x150x200 mm, and 400x200x200 mm
  • Block Types produced: Hollow
  • Production Capacity: 840 to 1008 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 6 kW
  • Operation: Manual mobile
4-18 concrete block manufacturing machine

QT4-18 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT4-18 concrete automatic brick making machine is larger than the manual mobile machines. It requires an area of 1600m2. Best suited for medium-size operation, the machine has a speed of 15 seconds/block.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block Types produced: Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks
  • Production Capacity: 720-960 pcs/hour with 4 blocks/mold
  • Power Requirement: 27.5 kW
  • Operation: Hydraulic and automatic
4-15 automatic concrete block making machine

QT4-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT4-15 concrete brick making machine takes only 10 to 15 seconds to make 28 blocks, depending on the mold. The operation uses an automatic system with hydraulics for pressure. This model is ordered by the customers globally.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 240x115x53 mm solid blocks
  • Block Types produced: Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks
  • Production Capacity: 10080 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 27.5 kW
  • Operation: Hydraulic and automatic
5-15 concrete block making machine for sale

QT5-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT5-15 automatic concrete block machine is very similar to QT4-15 production-wise. The only difference is with the blocks produced per mold. Which makes it a high block producing machine per hour. Customers who want to make large quantities of blocks can opt for QT5-15.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 240x115x53 mm solid blocks
  • Block Types produced: Standard, Hollow, and Porous blocks
  • Production Capacity: 11520 pcs/hour with 32 blocks per mold
  • Power Requirement: 32 kW
  • Operation: Hydraulic and automatic
8-15 concrete block making machine price

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT8-15 automatic hydraulic brick making machine uses a pallet size of 950×900 mm. The compact structure makes it easy to transport and operate. Cutting edge PLC system makes it a fully automatic hydraulic machine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block Types produced: Wall and Paver
  • Production Capacity: 15120 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 51 kW
  • Operation: Hydraulic and automatic
10-15 concrete block manufacturing machine

QT10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT10-15 automatic concrete block machine possesses one of the most advanced technologies in block making. With parts from all over the globe, this machine is next level. With the mold frames of high-intensity manganese steel, the life span increases by 120 thousand. Hydraulic systems are designed in Japan and Taiwan.

Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block Types produced: Standard, Hollow, and Porous blocks
  • Production Capacity: 18720 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 67 kW
  • Operation: Hydraulic and automatic

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concrete block machine factory

Lontto Concrete Block Making Machine

Lontto is a global supplier of Concrete Block Making Machines. With its machines operating in the African, American, and Asian continent. There are various types of machines manufactured by Lontto, including Hydraulic, Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual mobile block-making machines.

Lontto caters to the needs of all its customers. With custom designs for block making and machine operation. Leading the industry in China, Lontto has an ISO 9001 quality standards certificate.

Use of Advanced Technology By Lontto

Technologies varying from hydraulic systems to control systems are all handled and grouped to produce next-level machines. Lontto uses the PLC systems designed by Schneider Electric, a french company global leader in automation.

Lontto is beating the competition in China by using technologies like feedback recycle systems in automatic machines. This system uses the raw material more efficiently and without any wastage. The material left behind after the initial block production is fed back to the mixer unit. And without compromising with the quality of the blocks, this material is used.

Concrete block-making machines are available in various sizes and operations. With years of research and technological development, Lontto has a catalog of a wide variety of block-making machines.

Customers can contact for orders and factory visits. Lontto provides free accommodation for potential customers.

The work doesn’t stop after the sale. Lontto provides free training to operate the machines after delivery. Highly qualified technicians and engineers make sure that the customer can fully utilize the features of each machine.

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The Ultimate Guide: Block Making Machine

What is a concrete block-making machine?

A concrete block-making machine uses concrete as the main ingredient to create blocks for various construction purposes.

These high-tech machines use molds to produce different dimensions of concrete blocks.

These concrete block-making machines can also be used as concrete brick-making machines. Manufacturing groups like Lontto have mastered the production of these machines in the past 3 decades.

types of concrete block machine for sale

They use the latest technologies in mechanical, electronics, and electrical engineering. With the use of hydraulics, display panels, and PLCs, these machines are cut above the rest in this domain.

What is a concrete-making machine?

The concrete-making machine is sub equipment of the concrete block-making plant. Cement is combined with other raw material in portions that one part is cement, and another part is aggregate.


Are the concrete block making and concrete block molding machines similar?

Yes, concrete block making and concrete block molding machines are similar.

Do concrete block manufacturing machines improve work?

A big question arises after understanding block making and concrete block manufacturing machines. Do these machines affect the work output of the concrete block production plants? Do they improve work?

Top concrete block making machine production

Yes, concrete block-making machines increase the rate of production of blocks. With these machines, the construction work becomes fast and organized. The structures have more strength due to the proper dimensions of each block and uniform material density.

Is there a difference between concrete block and cinder block?

Concrete blocks are made from cement, sand, water, gravel, and air mixture. Cinder blocks are made from cinder and other materials.

Concrete blocks have high strength and nonporous. Generally, concrete blocks are used in big construction units to protect the inside of the structure from environmental elements. Cinder is a porous material used in small construction projects.

Cinder blocks are lightweight than concrete. Cinder is made from igneous rocks that are naturally made once lava solidifies.

What raw materials can be used in a concrete block-making machine?

A mixture of sand, cement, water, and gravel makes concrete. Depending on the construction type, block ingredients and proper ratio can be decided.

raw materials for concrete block production

The right proportion for making concrete is the absolute necessity for any construction project. Concrete block makers across the globe proportionally use the raw material depending on their needs. A proportion of one by six is used while mixing the cement in sand water and other ingredients.

How to produce concrete blocks step by step?

Making blocks with concrete block-making equipment is not complicated. With proper training and research, anyone can start the block-making process. Here are few easy steps to make the concrete blocks.

  • Step 1:-Use cement, sand, water, and gravel to make the mixture. The right proportion can be decided by weighing the raw material. Store the material in silos so that weighing and batching becomes easy. 
  • Step 2:- Porper mixture with a portion is required in the second step. After batching, the material is available in the right amount. All the material is now fed to the mixer either by labor or automatic operation. Start the mixing process that can last for several minutes. 
  • Step 3:- After the material is thoroughly mixed, it’s moved into the main machine block the host machine. Thie machine uses different modes to make the concrete blocks.

What concrete block-making equipment makes a concrete block manufacturing plant?

Concrete block manufacturing equipment in the market that does this work automatically. Big concrete block-making plants use this automated approach to reduce cost and increase output.

Some of the equipment used in the manufacturing units are


  • Cement Silo

Cement Silo is used for storing concrete mixture on any construction site. From the silo, the concrete mixer is fed to the batching plant.

  • Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is an enclosed pipe-like concrete transportation system. In concrete block making, the moisture level plays an important role. For this purpose, a Screw conveyor is used between silo and cement scale.

  • Cement Scale

In concrete block manufacturing plants, cement scale is used for measurement purposes. The percentage of cement is measured with this scale.

  • Batching Machine

Batching machine mixes raw material with cement in the right proportion. Material like sand, water, gravel, and fly ash is mixed in the batching plant.

  • Concrete Mixer

As the name suggests, this mixer combines all the raw material. It takes several minutes until the mixture is thorough and uniform. This is important in block making because any irregularity or impurity can result in low-quality blocks.

  • Block machine

Block machine is the equipment that does all the work of block making. A conveyor belt feeds the material from the concrete mixer to the block-making machine.

  •  Hydraulic Unit

A hydraulic unit is attached to the block-making machine to apply the pressure necessary to make the blocks.

  • Conveyor Belt

A conveyor belt uses electrical motors to produce motion. These belts act as a mode of transportation for the input material and sometimes in large establishments output product.

  • Pallet feeder

Pallets are small platforms for blocks. The pallet feeder automatically feeds the pallets inside the block-making machine. These pallets are also used to take the output from the block machine. 

  • Block conveyor

Once the blocks are formed, they are placed on the bock conveyor to more them into the block stacker.

  • PLC Unit

Programmable Logic Controller is the logical command to automate the s brick-making process.

  • Mold

Molds are used to make various kinds of blocks. The molds are used inside the block-making machine. Blocks like hollow, solid, porous, and paver all get their shapes from the molds.

  • Block Stacker

Block stacker makes the piles of blocks and moves them to the vehicle.

  • Forklift

The forklift is used at the end of the production line. It’s a small vehicle for the blocks which uses hydraulic pressure to lift the blocks.

concrete block machine with all parts

How are the machines chosen by any concrete block maker?

Concrete block-making machines are chosen based on their mode of operation, power consumption, labor requirement, and price.

Lontto provides various kinds of concrete block-making machines like hydraulic, automatic, semi-automatic, and manually operated.

All the concrete block-making machines operate at a power of; 5 kW to 67 kW.

Lontto’s machines are easy to operate. Even two people can work with a small manual model.

manual concret block making machine chosen

The price of these machines varies according to the customization and requirements of the customer. Lontto’s online portal can help you get the best price for your needs.

How to find the best concrete block machine manufacturer?

To find the best concrete block machine manufacturer, create a checklist. It’s like buying any other product in the market. Understand your needs, application of the product, and services provided by the manufacturer. Here is the list of things you can check to make the selection easy.

  • Application: Where will you be using the concrete block machine?

Understand your work and how much production of the blocks you want. Many manufacturers only supply small machines. Therefore search for possibilities. A manufacturer that can supply according to your production need will be best suited.

If you want the concrete brick machine for making a concrete brick manufacturing plant, then buy the high-capacity automatic machines. This will save you cost and time. These high-capacity concrete brick-making plants are best suited for big construction sites or medium top high brick-making businesses.

  • Manufacturer with easy to use equipment

Research about the working of the machines. It should not be too complicated, and the manufacturer should provide proper installation and training. Opt for the manufacturer who can provide your operators and workers with training and perform a proper installation.

Everything is available online. Check on various forums and websites. Look for any material that helps you to understand the operation of any concrete block-making equipment. Once satisfied, call or email the manufacturer to know more about the product.

  • Compare the cost

After you have concluded the type of machine needed. Compare the price of that machine with the others. Everything is provided online, prices are too.

Your budget will matter a lot here. It’s always advantageous to keep the range of price suitable, rather than a fixed number. As you will come across a variety of concrete block manufacturing equipment.

  • Communicate with the manufacturer

So you have done your homework by now and ready to communicate with the manufacturer of your choosing.

Most of the manufacturers are present online via websites. Use the online chat option to know more about the machines and place your order. Communicating over the phone is also an option.

If you have shortlisted more than one manufacturer, you can even email them all and wait for their reply. Or if you have already finalized the manufacturer, then take their number and place a video call.

  • Visit the factory

Visit the manufacturer after you have understood the machines you might be interested in buying. This visit will help you understand the manufacturing process of these machines.

Check the material that is used to make these machines. You will also get to know about the raw material required for these machines.

Quality of the material used by these concrete block manufacturers matters because these machines have to be robust. Each component should fit perfectly with the other. The material should be sturdy, and the finishing should be perfect.

  • Delivery Time

The best concrete block making machine suppliers will ensure timely delivery of the equipment. Depending on the delivery location, the time duration will be notified in advance by the supplier.

  • Responsibilities after the delivery

The responsibilities of any manufacture don’t end on sale but are extended after the purchase as well.

  • Technical support

Once the delivery is done, a good manufacturer will ensure that the customer is fully trained to operate the machinery. For this purpose, the supplier will send their trainer or engineer to the site to train the users.

The training is necessary because of the various technical factors. Once a customer becomes familiar with these components, the production process becomes simple and easy. 

  • Maintainance

Heavy machinery sees a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes it is normal if some of the equipment breaks after prolonged use. When this happens, a good manufacturer will provide the spare part expeditely.

Manufacturers will also provide technical support for repair work. The cost of the repair depends on the degree of damage.

Why Lontto is the best concrete block making machine manufacturer and supplier?

Above, we have listed the traits of a good manufacturer. We will use the same points to assess Lontto. So, what makes Lontto the top class?

Here the parameter that makes Lontto a leader in its class.

  • Application

Lontto’s machines are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Large scale or small scale construction or a manufacturing plant, everything can benefit from the Lontto’s manual and automatic machines.

  • Ease to use concrete block-making equipment

All the machines by the Lontto group are easy to use once proper training is provided. Their High-end machines are equipped with display panels and PLC circuits that make them user-friendly.

  • Cheapest concrete block equipment

Lontto’s concrete block equipment is reasonable in the pocket of the customer. They provide the cheapest machinery for any category.

  • Communication

Whenever you visit Lontto’s website, you get a message prompt. You can message them directly to know more about the machines you are interested in and place your order. You can communicate with them over the phone or email as well.

  • Factory Visit

Lontto’s machine manufacturing factory is located in China. Every visiter potential buyer gets free accommodation and a factory tour. Any customer can understand the block-making process and material used for making the machines.

customer visit to concrete block machine factory

  • Delivery Time

Once the product is purchased, it is shipped to the customer’s location. Delivery usually takes place within 7 days. But depending on the conditions and location, it might take longer.

concrete block machine delivery

  • Training and Installation

After the delivery, Lontto’s technical team will help the customer with the installation and training of the staff. After the initial training customer can operate the machinery: whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

  • Maintenance

Technical support is always there 24/7 for the customers. But if there is wear and tear to the machinery and some parts fail to work, Lontto provides spare parts.

All these characteristics make Lontto the best manufacturer and supplier for block-making machines.

Does Lontto have manual concrete block-making machines for sale?

Yes, Lontto is manufacturing high-tech manual concrete block-making machines for sale. These machines can be operated by 2 to 3 workers at least.

In these machines block making work is done by the Host machine. The manual part includes feeding the mixer, feeding the block machine, and transporting the blocks.

In models like LMT4-40, there are no conveyor belts. The material is manually carried from the mixer to the host machine.

On the other hand, models like LMT4-35 have a conveyor belt. Material is moved on by the conveyor belt and fed to the main block-making machine.

Some manual concrete block-making machines for sale are as bellow.

QCM4-30Manual mobile
QMJ2-40Manual mobile
QMJ4-45Manual mobile
QMY4-30Manual mobile

What are the models of cheap concrete block-making machines for sale?

Some of the concrete block-making machines for sale are as follows. Their price starts from only $1000 to $9000. Please check below to see the detailed list of the machines.

concrete block making machine price list:

Concrete Block Making MachinePrice Range(USD)
LMT4-402500 – 3500
LMT4-354500 – 6000
LMT4-266000 – 9000
QCM4-303000 – 4000
QMJ2-401000 – 1350
QMJ4-453700 – 4500
QMY4-303800 – 4700

How can I order a concrete block-making machine directly from the manufacturer?

You can place your order on Lontto’s website, or email or call them from the contact us page.

how to order concrete block machine

Lontto manufactures these next-level machines in China. On orders from the website or calls, Lontto delivers directly to your location. No middlemen are involved. Therefore you get the best price possible.

What is the concrete block machine price list?

Lontto concrete block machine price list consists of machines ranging from $2500 to $70000. This price range includes machines for all the customers. Customers with low to high budgets; can afford to buy the block machines from the Lontto factory.

Concrete Block Making MachinePrice Range(USD)
LMT4-402500 – 3500
LMT4-354500 – 6000
LMT4-266000 – 9000
QCM4-303000 – 4000
QMJ2-401000 – 1350
QMJ4-453700 – 4500
QMY4-303800 – 4700
QT4-1812000 – 16500
QT4-1530000 –40000
QT5-1540000 – 50000
QT8-1550000 – 65000
QT10-1560000 – 70000

Where can I buy high-quality concrete block-making machines?

China’s leading manufacturer Lontto Group can deliver high-quality and robust machines to your location.

Just choose the model from the catalog and get the quote online. Customer service is 24/7 available for any queries.

What are models of concrete block-making machines for sale?

Lontto is providing its customers with high-tech concrete block makers. These machines are top in their league; operational capacities both manual and automatic.

Fully automatic and high-capacity hydraulic machines like QT5-15, QT4-18, QT8-15, QT4-15, QT6-15, and QT8-15, are used for large construction projects.

Small mobile manually operated machines can be used on small construction sites. Example QCM4-30.

For medium to small concrete blocks manufacturing units, manual machines like LMT4-40 and LMT4-26 can be ordered from Lontto.

Concrete Block Making MachineBlock SizeBlock TypesCapacity(pcs/hour)Power(kW)Operation
LMT4-404’ to 8’Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous2809.3Manual
LMT4-358’Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous concrete blocks420-4809.7Manual
LMT4-26400x20x200mmHollow and solid concrete blocks55611.6Manual
QCM4-30400x200x200mmHollow4804Manual mobile
QMJ2-408’Both solid and hollow1805Manual mobile
QMJ4-458’Hollow3206.5Manual mobile
QMY4-30400x100x200 mmHollow840-10086Manual mobile
QT4-18400x200x200 mmSolid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks720-960 with 4 blocks/mold27.5Hydraulic and automatic
QT4-15240x115x53 mm solid blocksSolid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks1008027.5Hydraulic and automatic
QT5-15240x115x53 mm solid blocksStandard, Hollow, and Porous blocks11520 with 32 blocks per mold32Hydraulic and automatic
QT8-15400x200x200 mmWall and Paver1512051Hydraulic and automatic
QT10-15400x200x200 mmStandard, Hollow, and Porous blocks1872067Hydraulic and automatic

How does a concrete block press machine work?

Concrete block press machines are available in various shapes and sizes. These machines use raw materials like concrete, sand, fly ash, and gravel to make blocks of many sizes.

Many kilonewtons of pressing force is generated by the hydraulic system. With this incredible pressure, the blocks created have high strength. These blocks can be used for various wall-building purposes.


It is all about your perspective. Concrete block-making machines are not costly. They are easy to operate.

Lontto group has more than three decades of experience. They cater to every need of the customer and provide high-tech machinery.

Concrete blocks making business is in demand these days, and many suppliers are joining the market every day. Even in an established business, improvement is necessary, and it can only happen with an injection of advanced technology.

Lontto is helping block manufacturers and construction companies to achieve their dreams globally. They cover every point in the checklist for the top-class block machine manufacturing company.

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