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Hollow Block Machine for Sale

  • Lontto provides the latest technology, in both hardware, and control units.
  • Lontto’s hollow block making machines work for several years with little maintenance.
  • Lontto manufactures many machines every year with different varieties suited for every customer.
  • Available in both automatic and manual modes. These highly efficient machines reduce labor costs.
  • Lontto delivers these machines throughout the world. Along with the supply, installation and training are free of cost. Conditions may apply.
LMT4-40 Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale

LMT4-40 Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale

LMT4-40 is a very compact hollow block making machine. It consumes 9.3 kW of power. With a sleek design and sturdy built,  this manual brick making machine is chosen by many small business.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x20x200mm
  • Block produced: Hollow.
  • Production Capacity: 280pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 9.3 kW
  • Operation: Manual
LMT4-35 Manual Hollow Block Making Machine

LMT4-35 Manual Hollow Block Making Machine

LMT4-35 workers with pallets. Each pallet is 850 mm long. Consumes a power of 9.7 kW. For movement, it uses vibration-type technology. Weight is only 3200 Kg. Produces 42 to 480 pieces in one hour, and it is also be named small manual concrete block machine and small cement brick machine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x20x200mm
  • Block produced: Hollow.
  • Production Capacity: 420-480 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 9.7 kW
  • Operation: Manual

LMT4-26 Manual Hollow Block Making Machine

LMT4-26 is a value-for-money machine. After consuming power of 11.6 kW, it can produce more than 500 pieces of hollow blocks per hour. The pallet size used is 850 by 550 mm. And it is also called paver block machine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x20x200mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 556 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement:6 kW
  • Operation: Manual
QCM4-30 Mobile Manual Hollow Block Maker

QCM4-30 Mobile Manual Hollow Block Maker

QCM4-30 hollow concrete block maker comes with both diesel engines and electric motors. Best applicable on the remote sites where electricity is not available. Makes 480 pcs per hour without any pallets. Lightweight and highly mobile.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 480 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 4 kW
  • Operation: Manual
QMJ2-40 Small Hollow Block Maker Machine

QMJ2-40 Small Hollow Block Maker Machine

QMJ2-40 hollow block maker is a low-capacity machine. It can be used on remote sites for small construction projects. It can produce 180 pcs per hour with manual operation. Highly mobile but with manual labor.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes:400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 180 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 5 kW
  • Operation: Manual

QMJ4-45 Manual Hollow Making Machine

QMJ4-45 is designed by Lontto to reduce the cost of pallets. It can produce a batch of 4 hollow blocks in less than a minute (about 40s). Uses electric power input of 6.5 kW. Production capacity is about 320 pcs per hour.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced: concrete blocks, hollow blocks, cement bricks
  • Production Capacity: 320 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement:5 kW
  • Operation: Manual

QMY4-30 Manual Hollow Block Making Machine

QMY4-30 is a mobile hollow brick machine that produces 480 pcs/hour. The required power input is 6 kW. Makes a batch of hollow blocks every 25 seconds. It is equipped with three electric motors attached compactly and safely.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x100x200 mm
  • Block produced: concrete hollow blocks, solid bricks 
  • Production Capacity: 480 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 6 kW
  • Operation: Manual
QT4-18 Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

QT4-18 Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

QT4-18 automatic brick machine has a capacity of 720 pieces per hour. The input power requirement is 27.5 kW. This machine has three large parts that are attached compactly and safely.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 720-960 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement:5 kW
  • Operation: Automatic
QT4-15 Automatic Hollow Brick Making Machine

QT4-15 Automatic Hollow Brick Making Machine

QT4-15 hydraulic brick machine is used for a large number of hollow block outputs. It uses a pallet size of 1020 x 570 mm. QT4-15’s highest production capacity of hollow blocks is 2880 pieces per hour.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced: hollow blocks
  • Production Capacity: 2880pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement:5 kW
  • Operation: Automatic
QT5-15 Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale

QT5-15 Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale

QT5-15 block molding machine uses a pallet size of 1100 x 570 mm to make hollow blocks. It requires a power of 32 kW. A tremendous amount of input power is required for automatic operation to produce the blocks every 10 seconds. Minimum manual labor is needed that makes it cost-efficient.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 3240 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 32 kW
  • Operation: Automatic
QT8-15 Automatic Hollow Block Machine for Sale

QT8-15 Automatic Hollow Block Machine for Sale

QT8-15 hollow block machine is a next-level high-tech high power-consuming machine. It is equipped with high-level technology of control system, frequency converter motor, and hydraulic system. Operation is fully automatic.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 2880 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 51 kW
  • Operation: Automatic

QT10-15 Hollow Block Machine for Sale

QT10-15 automatic hollow block maker combines the technology on a global scale. Lontto imports various parts of this machine from technologically advanced countries. Everything in this machine is automatic. It’s like a mini-factory of hollow blocks production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output block sizes: 400x200x200 mm
  • Block produced:
  • Production Capacity: 3600 pcs/hour
  • Power Requirement: 67 kW
  • Operation: Automatic

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Lontto Hollow Brick Making Machine

Lontto’s High-Tech Hollow Block Making Machines have outputs in the range of 10 seconds to 50 seconds. Every machine, whether manual or automatic, is high-tech. Machines like QT10-15 and QT8-15 are global leaders in hollow block making. These machines produce blocks every 10 to 20 seconds. Numerous molds are supported by every machine.

With advanced PLC units, the need for human presence is menial. PLC units act as a brain for the machine. Once the commands are fed to the machine the autonomous production of the blocks starts. The automatic hollow brick machines may be expensive but they are compensating the cost by reducing the number of workers.

Lontto is supporting businesses across the globe

Lontto has a wide variety of equipment available for sale. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of businesses, small or big. For more than 3 decades, Lontto has supported hollow block-makers globally. They provide their machines through shipping. After the delivery of the machines, spare parts are also shipped if needed.

With your block-making skills, you can start their block-making business. The machines are as cheap as $1000. Prices like this help small business owners to generate stable revenue. Lontto is always ready with the latest technology to upgrade already installed technology.

Large businesses get help from Lontto constantly. Their engineers and tech are always ready to help their customers throughout the year. Installation and training are two key components on which Lontto has constant focus. That’s what makes them the best in the business.

They have machines with a capacity of 28800 hollow blocks per day. QT10-15 automatic concrete block machines can handle heavy loads every day without stopping. No matter the requirement, Lontto is there to prove its worth to its customers worldwide. With its proven track record; Lontto is a brand name trusted by many. They are taking new leaps in technology every day.

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The Ultimate Guide: Block Making Machine

What is a hollow block machine or a hollow brick-making machine?

A machine that uses mechanical force to create hollow blocks from raw material by high pressure is called hollow block machines.

You can buy these machines in various designs. Their operational capacities also differ.

You can use automatic machines that are used for the production of hollow blocks for construction purposes.

You can use uses various molds to craft these blocks from a hollow block-making machine.

automatic hollow block machine from lontto

These blocks can vary in density and various shapes and sizes. Generally, a hollow block has a dimension of 400x200x200mm.

You can use this hollow block type mostly in all construction sites.

The main component of any manual machine is the host machine.

This machinery is responsible for the production of the hollow blocks.

Either a conveyor belt feeds this machine or material is carried from the mixer manually.

lontto hollow blocks samples

In hydraulic automatic hollow block machine commands are input in the control unit.

Based on these inputs the machine keeps on doing repetitive tasks without human interference.

You can use the power of hydraulics for making desired blocks by using hollow block machines.

You can order any model you want from the Lontto website.

Options are there for different molds and dimensions.

With one machine you can produce different types of blocks using different molds.

Do I need the same raw material in all the hollow block makers?

You can use different combinations of raw materials by knowing the exact proportion of your mixture.

You can use cement, fly ash, sand, gravel, water, and air to create your mixture. Let’s understand more about the mixture that you can prepare using the right mixture proportion.


You can feed many types of material in hollow block makers. The raw material consists of cement, sand, water, and gravel. Based on the construction type the composition of this mixture is decided.

In fully automatic machines this mixture is created by the machine only. But in manual machines, this proportion is decided by the operators.

The main material is the cement that acts as a glue for all this mixture.

concrete blocks material - cement

The water to cement ratio is decided from the level of blocks that needed to be made. Generally, Lime and aggregate are not used in the hollow blocks.

Hollow blocks are preferred over solid blocks because of their insulation properties.

To provide a shield against the harsh temperature, construction with the hollow blocks is done.

Therefore the composition of the raw material in making these blocks is essential for strength and insulation.

Mixture proportion of raw materials

You can create different level hollow blocks. Each level of hollow blocks varies depending on its constitunts.

For level 1 hollow blocks you can use cement from 8 to 12 percent. USe gravel up to 54 percent. Sand is used up to 30 percent. The percentage of water depends on the cement. For example, if 12 percent cement is used then 30% of that cement will be water.

If you want to make level 3 hollow blocks fly ash becomes a major ingredient. 50 percent of the mixture would contain fly ash and the remaining 50 percent comes from cement(8 percent), gravel(35 percent), and sand(7 percent).

What types of hollow block manufacturing machines do I buy?

Based on your requirement of operation and mobility, hollow block manufacturing machines in the market can be categorized as fully automatic, manual, and semi-automatic.


In this machine, you have to do all the things including making the mixture and feeding the machine using workers. Blocks are created one batch at a time with different molds on manual operation. Mobility is also manual with some wheelbases already present. There are no PLC units attached to these machines. Although the action is repetitive, human presence is necessary. All the mold types are supported like that of automatic machines. Requires less area.

manual hollow block machine for sale lontto

Some of the manually operated machines you can look for

  • QCM4-30 mobile hollow block making machine
  • QMJ2-40 small manual hollow block machine
  • QMJ4-45 Mobile hollow block maker machine
  • QMY4-30 mobile hollow brick machine


This type of machine uses manual labor for its operation. These operations are feeding the mixer, carrying the material to the host machine, and taking the output to the construction location. Although some of the processes like carrying the material from the mixer to the main machine are done by using a belt conveyor. The rest of the process is manual. Area requirement is medium to large.

You can check these semi-automatic machines

  • LMT4-40 Manual hollow block making machine
  • LMT4-35 Semi automatic hollow block machine
  • LMT4-26 Semi automatic hollow block machine


These are high-end machines that are the epitome of automation. All the machines in this category remove manual labor from the production of the block. You have to make sure that the machine is fed with the material. It requires a very large area for mounting. As the process is fully automatic many mechanical components are needed for operation.

Here are some of the fully automatic high-tech hollow block-making machines for you.

  • QT4-18 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine
  • QT4-15 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine
  • QT5-15 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine
  • QT8-15 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine
  • QT10-15 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine

Who is manufacturing the best hollow block machines in China for you?

Lontto is leading the market with its hollow block manufacturing machines. With all the varieties of machines available Lontto’s manufacturing plant is a one-stop for you. Lontto supports its customers through various online and offline channels.

Their website is simple and easy to navigate. Every hollow block maker is present on the product option. You can browse through various pages and check out their videos for machines in action.

Lontto uses the latest techniques to manufacture highly effective machines that go a long way in satisfying your needs. Not only high capacity-based machines but there are various parts manufactured by Lontto to build large-scale manufacturing units.

Is Lontto a global hollow block-making machine supplier suitable for you?

If you are looking for high-tech machinery to be delivered outside China then you came to the right place. Yes, Lontto’s footprint is globally present, when it comes to supplying modern hollow block-making machinery.

Lontto has supplied its machine to the customers present in more than 100 countries.

With every purchase, Lontto provides you guidance and training irrespective of the location of your delivery.

Not many suppliers do that. Lontto is a well-known name in the construction industry throughout the planet. The main reason for that is their evolution over 3 decades. They have done enough research to stay ahead of the competition.

Most of the best manufacturing companies share that trait of knowledge and experience to deliver the best products. It’s better to purchase from tried and tested brand names rather than new and inexperienced ones.

What is a concrete hollow block machine that I can use for block making?

The concrete hollow block machine uses concrete as one of the ingredients to make quality blocks. Hollow blocks are used in the construction to reduce weight and increase strength.

One more quality is added by the concrete blocks. This quality is called insulation. Insulation means the ability of any material to resist temperature change.

For example, if you make a wall, concrete hollow blocks will not allow the heat from the outside environment to come inside the house. The same will be applicable for cold environments and low temperatures.

A concrete hollow block consists of insulating material that prevents any structure from heat and water. You can do this by two things: the air inside the hollow blocks and the concrete material. Concrete and air both act as good insulators.

What is the range of hollow block-making machine price by Lontto?

As you read earlier about the various hollow block-making machines. Lontto has a hollow block machine price from $1000 to $70000. If you have a low to a high budget then you can buy these machines. Lontto is a global supplier therefore the rates are in USD. For your local currency, use the online currency convertors to know the prices.

Prices may vary depending on various factors. You can enquire before ordering.

Have a look at the range of hollow block machine prices.

Hollow Block MachinePrice Range
LMT4-40$2500 – $3500
LMT4-35$4500 – $6000
LMT4-26$6000 – $9000
QCM4-30$3000 – $4000
QMJ2-40$1000 – $1350
QMJ4-45$3700 – $4500
QMY4-30$3800 – $4700
QT4-18$12000 – $16500
QT4-1530000 –40000
QT5-1540000 – 50000
QT8-1550000 – 65000
QT10-1560000 – 70000

Where can I find the hollow block mold prices?

You can find hollow block mold prices on websites like Alibaba and made in china. There are a variety of molds available from plastic to metal.

The price starts from $4 and above. Check the reviews for every seller and the product. Choose the most sold product for the best results.

How much does Lontto’s hollow block machine cost?

You can get these hollow block machines starting from 1000USD to 70000USD. These machines include manual and automatic types.

The cost can increase or decrease according to your customization. Most of the automatic machine units need assembly therefore cost of shipping and tools required for installation may vary.

Which websites offer concrete hollow block machines for sale online in China?

There are plenty of websites that have enlisted hollow block-making machines for sale in China. Some of the best that provide concrete hollow block machines for sale online are as below. You can start by searching the keyword “hollow block machines for sale” in the search engines.

Below are the top results for hollow block-making machine search.

Made-in-china.com:- Many varieties and brands of hollow block-making machines are available.

Alibaba.com:- The largest collection of hollow block-making machines from various dealers.

Block-machine.net:- China’s best hollow block-making machine manufacturer Lontto.

Blockmaking.net:- China’s best hollow block-making machine manufacturer Lontto.

List the details of manual hollow block machines, automatic hollow block machines, and hydraulic hollow block making machines?

Hollow Block MachineSize of BlockFormCapacity per hourPower(kW)Mode
LMT4-404’ to 8’Hollow2809.3Manual
QMY4-30400x100x200 mmHollow10086Manual
QT4-18400x200x200 mmHollow96027.5Hydraulic and automatic
QT4-15400x200x200Hollow288027.5Hydraulic and automatic
QT5-15400x200x200Hollow324032Hydraulic and automatic
QT8-15400x200x200 mmHollow288051Hydraulic and automatic
QT10-15400x200x200 mmHollow360067Hydraulic and automatic

What are the things to consider before starting a hollow blocks production business?

Many things need to be considered before establishing a hollow block-making plant or a large unit. Local knowledge is the most essential part. Know the local area and various environmental changes according to the seasons.


The first and most important part is planning the area in which the business is to be started. You need a detailed map of the area you have purchased for your operation. All the in and outs transport vise should be marked before you purchase the land.

The second thing is the optimal use of all the land. For example, all the machines manufactured by Lontto have areas specified in the manuals.  Automatic machines for large production require more area. For example, QT4-15 hollow block-making machines require an area of 500 m2. Check the area required by each machine and choose the landmass depending on the number of machines required.

Also, keep in mind the area should be flat and with a hard surface, else it will be difficult to mound the machinery. Because heavy machinery requires a solid base to operate. Especially hollow block-making machines that don’t use pallets. This surface should be able to handle mechanical vibrations.

Number of units

Once you have found the desired and best-suited area for your needs you have to decide on the number of units required. Means number of machines required. This can depend on the orders you have already received or future projections.

Small to medium businesses can opt for machines like LMT4-40 and LMT4-26. You will also have to consider the cost that comes with the labor. With small and manual machines, the labor cost might be high as more workers will be required per machine.

But if you have a big budget and many investors then go for the automatic machines like QT10-15. This machine can produce 3600 hollow blocks in one hour. It’s also cost-effective for large hollow block production units. Saves labor expenditure immensely over a long period.

Availability of Raw material

Materials like sand come directly from the sand mines. Therefore it is imperative to choose the location of the plant nearest to most of these mines or suppliers. If you are not able to find a location nearest then choose a well-connected location. Roadside location is preferable in that case.

Production capacity

Production capacity is the primary factor that needs to be addressed before starting the business. Production capacity decides whether to bid for big projects or small or medium ones. To determine the production capacity two approaches can be adopted

1.Predetermined capacity

Evaluating the market and predicting the capacity needs is one way to go. This path may be uncertain. But if you have enough experience in the field you can take risks after a thorough assessment.

  1. Depending on growth

You can choose the second option if the risk is not your cup of tea. Use this approach after you have started the business. Keep adding infrastructure and equipment as you keep progressing by getting bigger orders.

Either way, you will need to know about the capacity of the machines you install.

Here is the list of machines with the output.

Hollow Block Machine ModelHollow Blocks Made Per Hour

Accessibility from construction sites

This is a critical factor when it comes to the supply chain. If you are starting a hollow block production business away from the road links then it’s difficult to make profits. Quality block making is one thing but making it a profitable business depends on wise decision making.

The ideal location for hollow block production business can be outside the city limits on a roadside. Most of the infrastructure and construction projects are located outside the cities where the cities are expanding. The ideal block-making site would have a road linked to it. It becomes easy for the raw material supplier to supply the material. And even more helpful for saving the transportation cost.

Power requirement

In most countries, the commercial electric connection is costlier than a domestic one. Depending on your country, plan the electricity usage and get the connection. A high voltage connection is required if you are trying to set up more than one machine.

Here is the power requirement of various manual and automatic machines.

Hollow Block Making MachinePower
QCM 4-304kW

Water requirement

Water requirement on the hollow block-making site is constant. Water is used for raw material mixing and cleaning of various equipment. It is best to establish the plant near a water body or a place where groundwater is in abundance. This way you can dig a borewell for unlimited and unrestricted water supply. This will be light on your pocket as well.

How to find hollow block machine dealers online?

The best way to find hollow block machine dealers online is by searching on various platforms.

There are plenty of websites that offer online sales of heavy machinery like block-making equipment.

Some of them deal in their brand others sell it through third-party dealers. Brand reputation should be the primary criteria for choosing any machine model.

Where can I find hollow block-making machine videos?

On Lontto’s official website with every product detail, there is a video available.

For example, this video is for a hollow block making machine

Check our Youtube


Your budget and location don’t matter if you are planning to buy any of the hollow block-making machines from Lontto.

Your vision for your business is key in starting a venture.

Lontto supports all kinds of hollow block-making ventures irrespective of the country.

Lontto has advanced so much that it has become China’s leading hollow block-making machine manufacturer and supplier.

All the data for any kind of equipment is available online on various websites.

Customers need to compare and choose the best one based on the quality of the product and the quality of the service.

Some manufacturers have a great product but not so good service. Their connection with the customer ends when the sale is done. But Lontto reaches out to the customer beyond the sale.

They ensure that customers can achieve whatever they intend before purchasing one of their machines.

Reach out to Lontto today through various channels. Check the product and quality of the material used to make it.

Visit their manufacturing plant and see the assembly line in work to get the best out of every step.

They provide accommodation to anyone keen on visiting their plant. Service goes beyond the sale and customers are supported whenever they need it.

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